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[OOC] I agree. There are many interesting roleplay texts that should have their place on the wiki. It would be good if some of you would look for such texts and would move them to the Ryzom Wiki.
For example, this topic already has its page on the German wiki, but it's empty: &action=edit&redlink=1, even if a Taki Zoraï page already exists in English: a%C3%AF and another one in French: a%C3%AF [/OOC]


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(OOC: if you want to make this thread un-sticky, I'm absolutely okay with that. Not like many players care for such RP-details anyways...
As for the Wiki, I can certainly just put all of this into the German Ryzom-Wiki and will do so right now :)
However I am not willing to translate the French and/or English versions of the Wiki-entries about Taki Zorai to German with all their elaborate formatting, sorry for that.)


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I may be one of the few who uses this thread a lot and i´m happy that it is a sticky. Using the little Taki I know would be too much hassle without it here, easy to find.
And big thanks to you Zhoi for making it, I know how much work you had translating it from this strange french tongue into proper german :)


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omg! How did you come up with all this Zhoi?

(OOC: Did you invent this language? You are to be complemented for this!)

Now if we can just sort out the Matis language in...all the dialects...

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Thank you, but the credits for this do not belong to me! It's just our old language, and I tried to translate it into the common language we now use on the New Lands.

(OOC: ah, no, no, I did not invent this. A group of French players did, long ago, and I found their webpages via the Ryzom-Wiki years ago.

There's one for Mateis too: )

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Oh thanks for the link to the Matis Language Zhoi. This is great :)
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