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You don't pay me anything, you big blue gnoof! I'm still covering your tab to that Tryker loanprakker out of my meagre earnings as a freelancer so that he doesn't break those skinny blue legs of yours!

But one cannot avoid the price of their success forever, so finally they are here! Well, will be here. I've started the project I mean. First story to be released soon(TM)! It'll be found here: The Advanced Occupations' Stories

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why is this a sticky? it's not active anymore. (last post over 2 years ago)


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I think this one should remain sticky! It's the only place I know of in which someone tries to give a RP/lore explanation to the occupations. And it's an amazing backstory too!


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I loved these stories, i think they were awesome. They might need some fine tuning from the lore group, or not. It has been a long time since I read them, but I hope some or all of it gets validated as lore. Hope they get to read it. :D
(Little bump)

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I came across these stories i read a long time ago and thought I would refresh or bump them for new homins to enjoy!

Wonderful Stories! :D
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