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#16 [en] 

Hello. I am now a high officer. Also we have a new member Megaton.

#17 [en] 

welcome to the madness, and congratulations on your promotion.

#18 [en] 

thank you Iala. more madness coming soon.

#19 [en] 

I'm a new player willing to put some time towards this game/guild. LEt me know if i can join,

#20 [en] 

thank you for interest Ferrari. we are recruiting and i will talk to about joining next time you are in game. :)

#21 [en] 

welcome to OOTN Renegate. it is nice to have you playing. :)

#22 [en] 

welcome back old players i was old of ootn high officier

#23 [en] 

It is nice to see the ootn picking up again, I was once Higher Officer at ootn :) good luck.

#24 [en] 

Tangent now joins OOTN. many welcomes friend.

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#25 [en] 

Meagie is now leader :)

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#26 [en] 

welcome to OOTN Adelpha!

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#27 [en] 

A long time ago...



#28 [en] 

OMG I see myself! Hey MJ! :D Here, have some more nostalgia...



#29 [en] 

nice nostalgy pics <3

... now i must go into my old picture screen folder and go deep in my nostalgy times back :3

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"Liberi I`Margus"

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#30 [en] 

Wow thatis going back, had some great times in OP battles and hunting with OoTN back on Aris. Have to thank Ciri for keeping the plod team going for my CG title.

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