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Would it be possible for someone to make a simple Date/Time converter for use in-game like some of the other web apps?

Nothing fancy, input a date+time and select the input/output time zones and press a button to do the conversion.

Would be a great help for some of us that need to get to an OP battle on time.

Thanks in advance :)


there is time bbcode, like
  • Thursday, 18 November 2010 12:00:00 PST (9 years ago)
  • 9 years ago.




In German: http://www.elx-files.de/ryzom/Kalender/Atys-Kalender.PHP
Maybe soon in other languages?


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Deles Silam. Jena lye aiyias, Homins.


Here is the magic explained:

[*][time timezone=US/Pacific timer=red]18 Nov 2010 8:00pm[/time]
[*][time timezone=London date=off time=off]2010-11-18 20:00[/time].


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