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Good day, Atys. I am looking for the following Outpost mats. I would prefer to trade with 1 guild because it will be difficult to break-up the mat qty – vs – value. The drill does not matter to me. Here is what I am looking for:

Q250 Tekron – Qty 2
Q250 Maga – Qty 2
Q250 Armilo – Qty 2
Q250 Greslin – Qty 1
Q250 Cheng – Qty 1
Q250 Rubbarn – Qty 2
Q250 Vedice – Qty 2

I have the following mats in exchange:

Q200 Purified Tekorn – Qty 4
Q200 Purified Maga – Qty 1
Q200 Purified Armilo – Qty 1
Q200 Modified Vedice – Qty 2
Q200 Purified Cheng – Qty 1
Q200 Purified Rubbarn – Qty 25

I understand that this may not be doable, but I figured that I have nothing to lose by asking…please either contact me via in-game mail or when you see me online.

Thank you.

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I will exchange with multiple guilds but the listed Outpost Mats are all that I have - so not sure if worth other guilds time.

Thank you
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