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Warning! this is a spoiler

The methods described here only depend on items readily available in SIlan, no jewelery or items crafted by players are required'.

Arken melee method

You will need to have the following skills: Taunt and Melee Protection Aura.

Character setup:
1 hand sword (Duelist Blade) and Shield

Parry defence mode (use shift + d to switch betwean dodge and parry defence modes)

Target Arken and scout your path to a safe distance about 130m - 150m away. Go back to Arkens hill and wait until he is close to you then Taunt him. Run to your safe spot and start attacking Arken. As soon as you have taken damage equivalent to your self heal, heal yourself. If your life gets low activate your Melee Protection Aura. Sometimes you will still be unlucky in the fight.

Arken Enchanted Amplifiers method.
This is a more reliable method and much safer. You need to have level 25 magic unless you have access to enchantable Q30 amplifiers. The quest reward amplifiers cannot be enchanted.

Buy a set of Q50 Amplifiers from the 2 hand weapon merchant, if you need some more dappers, those 50 potions you got at the start from introduction mission to meet the Masters are worth over 1k each, sell some to the merchant.

You will also need either Acid 3 or cold 3 spell and Sap Recharge spell.

Edit the spell, use no time credits, just Range 7 and Sap 25, save the spell.

Equip the Q50 amplifiers, right click on the spell in your action bar and crystalise it, take it. It will be in your bag, right click on it and enchant your weapon (your equiped amplifier).

Start casting your Sap Recharge Spell to load sap onto the amplifiers, you need to cast this many times to fully load the sap. To use the enchants there is an action in your action bar named Use Item Enchant.

Find Arken on his hill, wait untill he is close enough to cast either cold or acid on him with a normal spell and then start running towards the Kara Teleporter, hitting Use Item enchant as you run, you will kill Arken after about 8 hits with the enchant, keep running until his friends give up and go home.

Reitzak is pretty much the same, except you need to run around her camp as you fight. Scout around the camp first so you know where the Camp Guards are so you can avoid them joining in.

Cast a spell on Reitzak and then run around the camp enchanting as you run.

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