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Zo'ro-Argh felt the weight of the years on her shoulders. But the remembrance of his interrupted searches and of his lost colleagues seemed even heavier to him. If only for the sake of his lost friends, he have to keep up the fight. He had to get back there, he had to get the N'ASA back on its feet. He had invested too much in it to give up. And all the more so as this research center carried with it more than a mountain of knowledge. It also held the key to discovering what the homin being was, and helping him to go further and further into wisdom, and the happiness that may flow from it.
He drank his mug of byrh and straightened up, ignoring the cracks in his back, then headed out. He clapped his hands to summon a few messenger izams and hung up their necks messages of invitation for a few old companions and accomplices.
A few days later, a small team was assembled. As stipulated in the N'ASA operating rules, there were at least two homins and two hominas, and all four nations were represented.
One of these companions offered to make posters to be put up everywhere by the trykeri mass production parchment company. Alas, the said company had vanished too. So all he had to do was invent a new method. Wasn't it N'ASA's job to find new answers?
He found two.
The first was to hand out a flyer to the staff of NH, which has the advantage of being present everywhere on Atys. Maybe they'd even give a discount for the trip to Almati Wood.
The second was to launch flyners carrying leaflets that would fall randomly all over the Bark. Of course, these flyers would be made from materials that could be absorbed by any type of bark without polluting it.
The second solution took longer to implement. First, he have had to wait for authorization from the botanists, who would wait for the right moment to prepare the four flyners, one for each nation. Then, the leaflet packets would have to be prepared and someone would have to go and stand somewhere in the canopy for them to be thrown to the four winds.
Finally, the day arrived to announce the N'ASA's first "resurrection" meeting. He even chose the most accessible time for every homin. So the meeting was set for 8h - Tria, Floris 9, 3rd AC 2628(*).

Contents of the leaflet
Invitation to inaugurate a revamped N'ASA on 8h - Tria, Floris 9, 3rd AC 2628(*).
All homin researchers are invited, whatever their field of expertise in science, literature, hominology... everything.
During this assembly, we'll be looking together at how we can better share our knowledge and preserve it so that other researchers can use it as a stepping stone to knowledge.
Come one, come all, or if you can't, be represented for the rest of the adventure.

(*) Sunday, 5 May 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago)

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Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.

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The Refounding assembly of the N'ASA has been held, as scheduled, last sunday in Almati Wood and about forty persons attended this meeting... whose minutes (EN & FR for now) are available here (Great Library).


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The first meeting of the revamped N'ASA was held last Sunday at Almati Wood, and was attended by around ten people. The (edited) minutes, in FR and EN for now, are available here (Great Library).

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I asked ChatGPT to create a summary from the transcript which Nilstilar graciously provided. I'm not sure whether I should prepend it to the transcript in the Great Library. What's your thoughts?

Initial Exchanges and Greetings

Welcoming Nilstilar:
Zorroargh invites Nilstilar to join them by the fire, with mixed reactions from the group.
Eloan expresses discontent at Nilstilar's presence but clarifies his mistrust of Matis is habitual and not personal.
Kyriann acknowledges Nilstilar as a friend of the Trykeri.

Discussion on Research and Kitins

Azazor's Research:
Azazor reports on his experiments with kitins, specifically the kipees and kinchers, noting that there is no significant difference in damage based on where they are hit. However, he observes that some body parts are more frequently targeted due to their accessibility during combat.
The group discusses potential reasons for these findings, with Ostium and others suggesting further investigation.

Broader Kitin Study:
Azazor shares a detailed chart on the vitality points of different kitins, inviting others to contribute data.
The conversation touches on the possibility of observing kitin behaviors, like their interaction with other creatures and their territorial nature.

Cultural and Literary Interests

Interest in Literature and Storytelling:
Kyriann proposes exploring homin sciences and literature, with Zorroargh supporting the idea.
The group discusses the significance of preserving tales and their evolution over time, considering this as a potential area for research.

Lighthearted Moments and Social Dynamics

Humorous and Casual Exchanges:
The group frequently engages in light-hearted banter, such as joking about Krill being a bait for kitins and Eloan jesting about her retreat.
The dialogue also includes some playful comments about the firewood quality and the warmth of the fire.

Exploration of Luciography

Aerial Photography (Luciography):
Ostium brings up the concept of aerial luciography, which involves sending a photographic device into the air to capture images from above.
Kyriann and others express interest in this novel idea, though there are concerns about practicality and safety.


Closing the Meeting:
As the conversation winds down, some members start leaving, expressing gratitude for the discussions.
Ostium and the remaining members reflect on the topics covered and consider future explorations and research projects.

Overall Themes

The conversation is a blend of serious scientific inquiry, particularly into the biology and behavior of kitins, and cultural exploration, coupled with a playful social dynamic.
The group displays a strong sense of camaraderie, despite differing opinions and the occasional mistrust among certain members.
There is a notable interest in both practical, empirical research and the preservation and study of cultural artifacts like tales and literature.


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Malgré quelques "chatons", je n'aurais qu'un mot (chiffre !) : +1


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Personally, I distrust chatgpt like the plague. It's visceral. More "argumentative", I see several biases:
- A summary is necessarily made by a character, so there's interpretation (toning down this point, exaggerating that one). So unless we say that our character is the AI's, it doesn't add up.
- Or maybe it's a "neutral" summary, not by a character but by the player. But in that case, you'll have to reread the one done by the AI, because it's far from neutral. The neutrality of AIs is a well-documented myth. This is particularly true here, with the emphasis placed on end-of-event trivia and the arrival of Nilstilar (sorry, it's nothing against you ;) ), which take up as much space as the serious discussions at the start.

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fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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Dear Akenak,

I confess: it's not impossible that my own positive assessment of Elke Miko's initiative was influenced by her greeting to my “gracious” contribution.
The fact remains:
— my distrust of “generative pretrained transformers” (who's the trainer?) equals yours (I've never even used one);
— the work carried out on my transcription is an attempt to write a summary, more easily readable and comprehensible (even if sometimes faulty) than a heap of minutes piling up lines and didascalies, but, like all summary work, it is forced to make choices;
— as I was planning to do the exercise in question “by hand” (since I broke my promise to do it for the previous meeting as well), ChatGPT get me out of a tight spot; let's not forget that the ideal homin of Matis people (and, in any case, mine) is a joking, even libertine and, above all, idle aristocrat);
— your contempt for “odds and ends” and your reverence for “serious discussions”, I (like our “returnee” Eloan) am far from sharing: reverence reserved for our Librarian President, I believe (much to your dismay?) that Atys is (and must remain) a place of play and joy, not of “head-scratching”;
— in my opinion, it is precisely Nair Zorro'argh, who is responsible to the Web for our Great Library, who is entitled to decide what can and cannot be published there.

Jena be with you!

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