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Hello everyone.
I have come to this forum in the hope of finding a solution to my problem.

I had the good idea of buying Bitdefender as an antivirus; it works well, too well in fact, as it prevents me from accessing the game server.

I followed the instructions in the faq. I have to manage exceptions in the "advanced threat defense (ATF)" tab either. I've tried placing the complete game folder, but nothing. As for accessing the server via the port (, Bitdefender refuses to disable online protection. I've even deactivated ATF completely, but nothing.

My antivirus blocks access, because the password is not protected and I get the following message "Error: can't send (error code 2) empty reply from server".

What should I do, apart from firing Bitdefender? "Pasqueulà poupouille" anyway! Mici!

I've found a solution.

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