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Eolinius woke up with aches and pains, an unbearable headache and a pungent taste in his mouth. He opened his eyes but was hit by a large yellow-green phosphorescent ball that made him look away.


He'd heard this word from Eeri several times, but now he knew intuitively what it meant.

-Damn, I must have a good one!

This time he slowly opened his eyes and tried to work out where he was. A little further on were translucent Kamis twirling in the air.

-Oh no! It's not going to happen again!

It was impossible to know what he'd done the day before, he couldn't remember a thing. The only thing he could remember were pink bolobis dancing in circles before his eyes.
Eolinius struggled to his feet and sat up, rubbing his head and eyes. In front of him, hot embers from the remains of a campfire were still crackling.
As his eyes grew accustomed to the half-light, he identified the spot where he was standing as the middle point of the wasteland, but had no idea how he had got here. In a hollow in the ground he retrieved his bag, tapping it to restore its shape, and tucked his blanket into what had been his pillow.

A mug had fallen beside him, which he picked up and sniffed. Strangely enough, it smelt neither of Byrh nor of any kind of alcohol, but rather of the pungent, strong odour of black chai.
Further on, around the remains of the fire, two hollows remained, as if two other people had also slept here. Next to the first, traces of mektoub were moving away into the perpetual night and in the one closest to him, Eolinius noticed a lot of crumbs that he identified as the remains of Panettone.

-Ah, now I know where that comes from.

Eolinius stumbled a little and pulled out a teleportation pact to Fairhaven from his bag, which he tore up grumbling.

-Someone's going to hear about me!

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Purple dreams... This word haunted kyriann as she impatiently awaited the return of her izam dispatched to Tao-Sian.
O'Tall was a young tryker who was sometimes a little giddy and over-confident, but in this case he had reason to be fooled.
What was an antekami doing in the city of Jen-Laï?
Were the guards corrupt or lax?
In any case, it was in all innocence that the young tryker had bought this chai. There was no way he could have done it deliberately, she was willing to bet her life on it.

And now Eolinius was ill and needed Tao-Sian's expertise.
This tall hominid wouldn't leave them in the lurch.


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Ancienne Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

#3 [fr] 

Since that night in the Primes, Ny-Eo hasn't been on form.
He didn't leave the house much. So, every morning, when the light woke up, I went there to bring him breakfast: light Bhyre, caprynia milk and fresh Pan et Tonne.
But Eolinius didn't eat much.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Fairhaven Bar with Kyky. Although tired, he seemed to be doing a bit better: he pouted when I gave him a bottle of Stimulant water.
But it's good when you're in a bad way...

After much soul-searching: I began to find it strange that Ny-Eo was the only one to be sick after the chai.
True, I'm never sick and Ny-Eo isn't exactly a shallat! but still?
Then I thought again of the Zoraï we had helped to find his "cat-pelé" and with whom we shared Tchaï...
Is he sick too?

Yesterday at the bar there was a Bizarre trykette who was losing her memory after drinking "d'la-cool" I don't know what it is but she reminded me of Owy and I was sad...

In any case, I'm fine. If Ny-Owy were here, life would be perfect!

Kyky and Eo told me not to buy just any awak from just anyone!

So I felt guilty.

After Kyky's departure I asked Eo if we should be wary of everyone and if strangers were bad?

I didn't get an answer, I'll have to ask Kyky, she must know that!

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Locked in his house, lying on his hammock with a bottle of capryni milk in his hand, Eolinius was deep in thought. His hallucinations hadn't lasted very long, but he still felt dizzy at times. He thought back to what O'Tall had said to him when he had returned to Fairhaven.

He had been stunned when O'Tall had said that he had bought this chai from a passing Zorai with broken horns in Jen-Lai, who had spoken very highly of this "Purple Dream". What seemed strange to him was that O'Tall didn't seem to be affected, if at all, by the chai. He also wondered what had become of the pious and mystical Zoraï who looked for his rosary beads in the root bounty. The effects of the 'Purple Dream' on a tryker used to drinking byrh and Lorlyn's concoctions had already been brief but devastating, but he didn't dare imagine the effects on a kamystic zorai who didn't drink a drop of alcohol. He had to find out as soon as possible whether they had heard from him and whether he had returned to Zora.

Kyriann had sent a letter to Tao-Sian, so she would know how serious the situation was. It was still necessary to act with some discretion. Eolinius coughed slightly when he thought of the number of times Tao-Sian had bothered to examine a Drakan. After a while, word would get around that the Drakani all had addictions, to keep things decent.Not to mention the fact that O'Tall's latest revelations could put some of his close acquaintances in 'slight' difficulty when he had said that he had been introduced to chai and that he used to drink quite 'heavy' chai with this person. Eolinius hadn't been given any more details about the term 'heavy' but given this person's past, he feared the worst and didn't want it to reflect badly on the Drakani's reputation or that of its leader.

He had innocently asked Kyriann if O'Tall could also come and see Tao-Sian. She said he would be more than welcome to describe or identify the Zorai with the broken horns to Tao-Sian, although Eolinius had other ideas.

Once he was feeling better, he wanted to go and investigate this zoraï who, according to the description, closely resembled an Antekami. But first he had to rest and wait for Tao-Sian's verdict on his state of health.

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Having not left his home for several days, Eolinius strides out into the daylight with his eyes closed, arriving in front of the temple of Zora. This is where Kyriann has arranged for him to be examined by Tao-Sian, the great dynastic healer. He takes a deep breath and enters the temple. Kyriann sits before the fountain, looking absorbed and distant. Eolinius thinks back to when he was young, and to the same place where they were talking with Ambassador Zhan. Kyriann looks up and stands up.
Eolinius coughs as he approaches the fountain.
Kyriann kisses Eolinius on both cheeks.
Kyriann says: Lordoy Eo!
Eolinius kisses Kyriann on the cheek.
Kyriann says: Elysem gan sul?
Eolinius says: Lordoy ny-Kyriann
Eolinius says: Y Gan .. Lor, so to speak
Kyriann says: Ah so much the better
Eolinius smiles slightly
Tao Sian arrives and gives a deep bow to the Kami
Tao Sian makes a courteous bow to Master Kami de Zora.
Tao Sian says: Kamia'ata Master Kami
Kyriann waves to the Master Healer.
Eolinius looks at Kyriann: Oh, so the appointment was there!
Eolinius curtsies courteously to Tao Sian.
Tao Sian says: Kamia'ata tryker
Tao Sian says: I am Tao-Sian
Tao Sian says: Thanks to the help of the Kamis, I am also the dynastic healer.
Eolinius is a little taken aback: Kamia'ata Healer
Kyriann says: Lordoy Nair Tao-Sian
Kyriann says: I'm the one who called on your services. I am Kyriann.
Eolinius says: uh, y know you ... you've often (too often?) seen Drakani, alas.
Eolinius smiles
Tao Sian says: So that's good. Excuse me, but I see so many sick people that sometimes I forget who's who.
Tao Sian says: But who's the sick person?
Kyriann points at Eolinius.
Eolinius smiles less when he hears the word "sick".
Kyriann says: The ambassador! He's the one who needs your services.
Tao Sian says: Then come and explain what's happening to you.
Eolinius nods: Oy, let's sit down, this may take a while.
Kyriann joins the zorai.
Eolinius looks at Kyriann: Lor, we've got to get started.
Kyriann nods.
Eolinius says: It's ... the result of something I drank.
Tao Sian concentrates and says a little prayer to the kami.
Tao Sian says: How long ago?
Eolinius says: Well... let's say 3-4 days
Tao Sian takes note of the answers.
Eolinius says: I lost my memory, had hallucinations ... since then I've been better, but I'm still feverish and dizzy...
Tao Sian nods, encouraging the tryker to continue.
Eolinius says: it turns out that the drink was a black chai...
Kyriann murmurs: "Noir Noir" is the word for it.
Eolinius says: and whoever bought it told me it was called ...
Eolinius is a little ashamed
Eolinius says: it was called "rêve pourpre".
Eolinius looks at Kyriann
Kyriann grimaces a little.
Tao Sian hiccups almost imperceptibly.
Tao Sian says: Did you drink a lot?
Eolinius says: I can't say, but considering the chai I normally drink, it must be a cup.
Kyriann hopes O'Tall can tell us more about the box.
Tao Sian says: Did you make it yourself?
Eolinius shakes his head: An, it was O'Tall who bought it.
Tao Sian says: Ah, then we should question him too.
Eolinius looks at Kyriann and sighs: "You think he should be here too?
Kyriann says: We hope he'll join us.
Kyriann says: Eny is in love. So sometimes he's absent-minded
Kyriann smiles
Tao Sian says: You say the hallucinations have completely disappeared?
Eolinius says: Bah, the hallucinations, Oy .. eny since then y have been having very agitated dreams .. but y remember them very little
Tao Sian notes: Sleep disturbances...
Eolinius leans over to Kyriann: uh, should we tell him about the zoraï with the broken horns too?
Tao Sian starts to pull out all his paraphernalia.
Kyriann says: we'd rather wait for Otall, an?
Eolinius changes his mind: Oy, Oy ..
Kyriann says: He's the one who saw it.
Kyriann says: But if it's any help, he entrusted me with the box with the chai.
Tao Sian says: Ah? Of course he did!
Tao Sian says: You could have started there!
Eolinius smiles a little
Kyriann holds out the purple box: I promised to take care of it because Otall thought it was beautiful.
Tao Sian takes the box and opens it: I'll have it cleaned.
Tao Sian doesn't touch the chai in the box and closes it.
Tao Sian looks intensely at Eolinius: I'm going to try a technique to make you remember your dreams. It might help us find the origin of your illness.
Tao Sian takes on a soft, persuasive voice: Try to detach your mind from the present by concentrating on my voice.
Eolinius says: Are you talking to me?
Eolinius looks around
Tao Sian says: Yui, you're here to try and heal, aren't you?
Eolinius says: Oy, Oy...
Kyriann whispers to Eo: Do what she says at last! She's the healer!
Eolinius looks at the healer, not very reassured.
Tao Sian says: So you're going to listen to my voice
Kyriann plugs his ears.
Eolinius closes his eyes: Oy
Kyriann laughs
Eolinius elbows Kyriann: Shh
Kyriann raises his hands from his ears: What? I didn't hear anything.
Tao Sian says: You're very far away in a very quiet place and my voice helps you remember what you've seen
Tao Sian continues in the same soothing, slightly monotonous tone
Kyriann quickly plugs his ears again.
Eolinius tries to concentrate, although he doesn't like to remember his dreams, they're too frightening.
Tao Sian says: You are well relaxed and my voice is leading you into this dream world. You are not afraid because you are simply following my voice.
Eolinius says: Oy, Oy ... y follow your voice ...
Tao Sian says: My voice gently guides you closer to what you have seen.
Eolinius begins to relax
Kyriann watches but tries not to listen.
Tao Sian says: You are with my voice on this path and
Tao Sian says: slowly you open your eyes and describe to me what you see.
Eolinius swims in an ocean of clouds
Tao Sian says: You are not afraid because you are with my voice and you are very relaxed.
Eolinius sways and slowly opens his eyes.Tao Sian says: And you describe to me where you are
Eolinius says: I am ... in an unknown world, everything is full of pink fumes ...
Tao Sian says: Don't be afraid, my voice is with you
Eolinius says : I'm not afraid ......
Eolinius says: I see a mask bending over me
Tao Sian says: My voice is with you and you can describe this mask to me
Eolinius says: This mask is ... horrible, it has horns cut out of it
Eolinius says: There are eyes in this mask.
Tao Sian says: It's horrible but you're relaxed and you're not afraid.
Eolinius says : I'm not afraid eyes are bulging out of this mask
Eolinius shakes a little
Kyriann sees Eo shaking and decides to take his hands away from his eyes.
Tao Sian says: It's nothing to do with the red eyes. They won't hurt you because you're always with my voice.
Eolinius says: I can feel a damned soul behind that mask, a cursed soul.
Eolinius says: She's a witch!
Tao Sian controls herself so as not to jump and break the trance.
Eolinius says: She's coming towards me!
Tao Sian says: Don't be afraid, the voice is with you.
Eolinius says: She's trying to speak to me but I don't understand.
Tao Sian says: You're very relaxed and you look at the witch without fear.
Eolinius frowns.
Tao Sian says: The voice is lulling you and you can remember the words even if you don't understand them.
Eolinius says: I can hear her voice in my head.
Kyriann starts to shake.Tao Sian says: Her voice can't cover mine
Eolinius says: She's telling me that the Goo will swallow every last one of us, that the Goo is the only way out!
Kyriann can't help shouting: An
Eolinius says: She's bending over to swallow me up!
Tao Sian puts his hand in front of the mask and tries to get back into the trance.
Eolinius says: But ... she stops ...
Tao Sian says: Don't be afraid because the voice, my voice is with you
Eolinius says: Something has disturbed her...
Kyriann is all sheepish.
Eolinius follows the voice
Tao Sian waits to see if the trance has been broken by the tryker's scream.
Eolinius says: there's someone else...
Tao Sian says: You're fine, you're walking on my voice, it's taking you even further, towards this other person.
Eolinius says: I perceive another soul as black, but of a different nature
Eolinius says: it crawls in the shadows
Tao Sian says: It can't hurt you
Eolinius said: It's getting closer too, but the purple one doesn't seem happy
Tao Sian says: You're not afraid of this new apparition
Tao Sian says: The voice is in tune with your steps and you're fine
Eolinius cowers in on himself
Tao Sian says: My voice hums reassuring words to you and nothing can harm you.
Eolinius hears the reassuring voice
Otall steps forward timidly
Tao Sian says: You breathe deeply and sit up straight to get a good look at this new apparition.Eolinius concentrates
Kyriann raises his arm in silence.
Otall says: sorry M'dam .... heuu I'm looking for Nair Kyriannn
Otall waves to Kyriann.
Kyriann beckons Otall to join her.
Otall discreetly removes his boots
Eolinius says: The black soul crawls on the ground
Otall waves to Master Kami de Zora.
Tao Sian says: The voice still carries you and you float above this darkness that can do nothing against you.
Eolinius says: She's hidden in the shadows, you can't see her mask
Kyriann pats the ground beside her.
Eolinius says: she's hiding behind a mirror...
Otall listens and watches
Kyriann gives Otall a little kiss with her fingertips.
Eolinius says: The purple one is angry to see this second witch
Eolinius gets agitated
Tao Sian says: The mirror can't hide her from you because the voice takes you beyond the mirror
Eolinius says: An!
Tao Sian says: You float on my voice
Otall looks for a mirror
Eolinius says: Y don't want to go through the mirror
Tao Sian takes a deep breath and tries to calm the patient's agitation: my voice prevents you from falling through the mirror
Eolinius says: The two witches are bickering...
Eolinius says: they want the same thing
Otall listens attentively
Tao Sian says: You're not alone, but you're floating above them and their bickering is no match for you.
Kyriann doesn't understand everything but stays to support EoEolinius says: They want the same thing! They want to take the souls of the Homins!
Eolinius shouts: An!!!
Tao Sian says: My voice is all around you and protects your soul.
Otall listens to the music of the Zoraï's voice
Tao Sian says: Describe to me the other who crawls the black soul
Eolinius shouts: An!!! She scares me!
Tao Sian says: You can see her, but my voice follows you and you're not afraid.
Eolinius is startled and faints
Tao Sian says: You're completely relaxed...
Otall feels his mind drifting
Tao Sian gets up to look after the tryker.
Eolinius moves a little
Tao Sian checks his pulse and pats his cheek.
Tao Sian says: You came back following my voice.
Tao Sian says: You're no longer afraid of anything
Eolinius gently opens his eyes
Tao Sian says: and you are completely relaxed
Otall softly: oy
Eolinius is shivering and cold
Kyriann follows with her eyes, not daring to intervene even though she's itching.
Eolinius opens his eyes: Where am I?
Otall feels his spirit rise
Tao Sian pulls out a blanket to warm the tryker: Don't worry, the kami are watching over us here in Zora's temple.
Eolinius recognises his friends and Tao-Sian
Tao Sian sees the young tryker who also seems to be in a trance
Eolinius says: Oy, the temple
Otall smiles with pleasure
Eolinius wraps himself in the blanket
Tao Sian puts his hand gently on the second tryker: you are with us here in the temple
Tao Sian says: you're relaxed but you're with usOtall descends towards the voice
Eolinius recognises O'Tall
Otall feels Lor
Kyriann is worried about Eo but Tao-Sian seems to have everything under control.
Otall laughs softly
Tao Sian says: We are all here under the watchful eye of the Kamis.
Tao Sian says a silent prayer.
Kyriann grumbles a little: Yeah
Eolinius recovers from his emotions
Kyriann doesn't dare go any further. This is Tao-Sian's domain
Otall nods gently to the rhythm of the music that only he can hear.
Tao Sian opens his eyes to see Eolinius stirring.
Otall smiles contentedly
Eolinius coughs: How bad is it, Healer?
Otall slowly opens his eyes again
Tao Sian says: Your dreams are very enriching
Tao Sian says: But I think everything's going to be fine.
Eolinius frowns
Kyriann is happy.
Otall rubs his eyes
Tao Sian says: We'll see about that. Roll up your sleeve
Eolinius says: hm, dreams are sometimes part of reality
Tao Sian takes out the blood sample.
Eolinius holds out his arm and raises his sleeve
Otall yawns like the morning
Tao Sian pricks with an expert hand and collects the liquid in the bowl
Otall feels a little hungry
Tao Sian concentrates on spinning the bud while reciting the spell.
Eolinius remembers the process that Jazzy has already undergone
Kyriann turns to Otall: Have you fallen asleep?
Kyriann says: Eo, do you remember what you said to Tao-Sian?Eolinius says: Me?
Eolinius says: I've got it all mixed up in my head
Otall says: Y? an, when does it start?
Kyriann says: Oy you told him your dream and Otall fell asleep. I don't understand a thing
Eolinius says: Did I say anything Ny-Kyriann?
Kyriann murmurs: I'll tell you all about it.
Tao Sian continues the ritual
Eolinius nods
Otall is surprised
Tao Sian sees the bud thicken and finally picks it up with her chopsticks.
Tao Sian studies the bud.
Kyriann waits for the verdict
Otall observes the bud from a distance
Tao Sian says: There's not much trace of goo. I think the contamination wasn't too deep.
Eolinius is relieved
Otall exhales
Eolinius says: eny .
Tao Sian says: The healing should already be underway.
Tao Sian says: As for the dreams
Eolinius says: There was goo in that chai?
Otall looks at his feet
Tao Sian says: No, not really, otherwise the contamination would have been profound.
Eolinius says: Oy? for dreams?
Tao Sian says: More like one of the drugs that the Antekami get from goo.
Otall listens carefully
Eolinius bangs his fist: He knew it! The Antekamis!
Tao Sian says: I don't think all dreams come from drugs. Your mind is assailed by frightening images.
Tao Sian says: Perhaps an interview with our spirit healer would bring you closer to the kami...
Kyriann gasps: We don't need to get any closer than that!
Eolinius coughs: Really? Are you sure?
Tao Sian says: The kami guide us. You have to be very close to them
Kyriann restrains herself from being a bit vehement.
Kyriann says: We'll see, there's no hurry, is there?
Otall remembers: Meany used to say.... heu... an
Otall softly: An must be talking about it...
Eolinius says: Well, shouldn't we warn the theocracy that there are Antekamis selling drugs in the middle of the Jen-Lai market?
Tao Sian gasps: In Jen Lai?
Tao Sian says: It was in Jen Lai?
Otall shyly: Er... it was more at the exit....
Eolinius nods and turns to O'Tall.
Tao Sian turns to Otall
Tao Sian says: Did you make this chai?
Tao Sian says: And did you drink it too?
Otall looks the Zoraï in the eye: Oy
Tao Sian says: And do you feel sick too?
Otall says: it was a bit strong.... but nothing too serious
Tao Sian wonders if the trykers spend their time in the goo tribes.
Eolinius looks at O'Tall with round eyes but says nothing.
Tao Sian says: OK. No dreams either?
Otall smiles gently: I was looking for my lover and I came across a homin.
Tao Sian says: So please describe this homin.
Kyriann smiles: Love makes you forget everything, even bad dreams.
Otall says: So I told him lordoy and politely asked him if he'd seen Ny-Owy...
Eolinius sighs: Yeah...Otall says: But no .... he was selling Tchaï.
Otall says: He was kind and even offered me a well-paid job with food and accommodation!
Tao Sian is starting not to like what she hears
Otall says: I just had to follow him in a "LA Beau Rat toire".
Otall says: But I remembered Ny-Kyriann's warning about Zozo ...
Otall says: strange Zoraïs with damaged masks
Kyriann is startled and makes big eyes at Otall
Eolinius jumps a little
Kyriann murmurs: "Otall, you don't say lisp!
Otall says: So I told him Lorandoy, politely and I took off with my box of chai
Tao Sian takes the box out of his bag: This one
Otall nods: Oy, she's pretty
Tao Sian says: I'll analyse the contents, purify the box and give it back to you.
Otall smiles: the mixture is almost as strong as that of Jazzy's wife
Tao Sian says: It's important that we know how to fight the ...
Tao Sian says: Huh?
Eolinius chokes
Kyriann slaps his forehead: Not one!  He won't miss one!
Tao Sian says: Have you ever drunk chai from this guy?
Otall says: In any case, we had a good laugh with the Zoraï who had lost his hairy cat in the bounties.
Otall says: From this guy?
Tao Sian says: The same guy.
Otall thought: An! the effect of this one happened much quicker than those I've already tried.Tao Sian says: And did you make someone else drink this chai?
Otall says: But I don't know how it's made? Do you know which plant to dry?
Tao Sian doesn't want to frighten the tryker but will investigate the other chai.
Otall says: From my point of view, you need to add things to do that.
Eolinius says: The Zorai who lost his rosary in the root bounty also drank some.
Tao Sian says: Do you know his name?
Otall says: oy! he found it strong too...
Otall says: I lit a fire next to the Kamist guards at the middle point.
Otall said: We slept there, I remember Lorelyn was afraid of them
Tao Sian says: The kami protected you, that's for sure.
Tao Sian prays silently.
Tao Sian says: But I'd have to question this zorai too to see if he needs treatment.
Otall says: At one point we went away with Eo to reassure her. I kept my cup and took Lorlyn's, but she doesn't drink chai.
Kyriann listens in because she wasn't there.
Eolinius tries to use his failing memory
Otall says: I think you left your cup next to the fireplace but there was no risk, the Zorai was watching it.
Eolinius said: Qin Coi Wu? isn't that right?
Tao Sian said: Qin? Tao Sian said: Oh!
Tao Sian said: Then that's fine
Eolinius said: Oy?
Otall says: I can't remember his name .... Anyway, he's really good at attracting patrols.Tao Sian says: He went through a lot before he found his way.
Eolinius says: Tornett? he's used to drinking it like O'Tall too?
Tao Sian says: and this chai won't do him any harm.
Eolinius frowns
Otall says: But .... he doesn't drink it all the time
Otall says: only to celebrate
Tao Sian tilts his head gently: Let's just say it's been a long and troubled road.
Tao Sian says: He used to be a bandit but now he's found his way.
Otall says: So that's why he's so strong?
Tao Sian says: He's got some nice leftovers.
Eolinius leans towards Kyriann: It doesn't seem that only trykers dine with the tribes in Goo
Eolinius chuckles
Kyriann laughs outright
Otall doesn't understand but laughs too
Tao Sian says: No, he's been completely weaned for a long time now.
Tao Sian says: But his metabolism remembers
Tao Sian says: But I'm going to have to leave you.
Eolinius coughs: Sul also has visions Ny-O'Tall?
Otall says: Visions? Y? An?
Tao Sian says: Don't forget Eolinius, if you have any more dreams, Misunoko can help you.
Eolinius says: Grytt Great Dynastic Healer, we are grateful to you
Eolinius makes a courteous bow to Tao Sian.
Otall waves to Tao Sian.
Kyriann bows most courteously to Tao Sian.
Kyriann says: Grytt Tao-Sian
Eolinius mops his brow: Phew
Kyriann says: OuhlalaKyriann says: tell us about the things you said
Kyriann says: it was a bit scary
Eolinius says: Hm? who, me?
Kyriann nods.
Otall says: ha? he talked? when?
Kyriann says: Stories about witches and purple and black.
Eolinius says: Er, Tao-Sian hypnotised me
Eolinius says: Witches?
Eolinius shivers
Kyriann nods.
Otall says: Oh dear, I've missed the story.
Kyriann says: I'll tell you, but not now
Otall says: They don't sell Bhyre here....
Eolinius scratches his head: Did I mention purple?
Kyriann says: The important thing now is that you get better.
Eolinius says: Oy
Eolinius says: Lor ...
Kyriann says : I'm going home
Kyriann says : Ny amn must wait for me
Eolinius says: I think it's time to rest, Oy
Otall sighs
Kyriann takes a pact, tears it up and waits to disappear.
Otall says: I'm going to go and see their craftsmen
Kyriann says: Oh sorry Otall
Eolinius says: so go Fairhaven tor y
Otall shrugs: don't worry....
Eolinius waves to Otall.
Otall waves to Eolinius.
Eolinius invokes the contents of a pact
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[hrp]I apologize in advance to the creators of the following characters for having “borrowed” their creation without being able to contact some of them despite several attempts. In my defense, on the one hand I don't think I betrayed their creation, on the other hand everything that follows does not (completely) represent reality since everything happens in a dream. *ambassador cough*


Who can say what reality really is, what really happened? Aren't we living in a dream? Or are dreams the result of our past experiences, a fragment of reality transformed or caused by external conditions?

Who can say if the following dialogues are real or are the fruit of the imagination of a brain in turmoil under the influence of a substance accidentally or on the contrary intentionally introduced into a harmless drink?


Eolinius lay down in his hammock as usual and fell asleep like a stone. In the middle of the night, he became restless and had the same dream all over again. But this time something had changed. No doubt thanks to the hypnosis session with the dynastic healer Tao-Sian, something had clicked in his head and this time he heard exactly what was being said in his dream.

He was walking aimlessly in a cloud of pink wisps. All around him, naked trees with stunted, leafless branches stood like accusing ghosts, bending as he passed. The landscape had gradually become one of absolute desolation and he was making his way through a purple field. When he reached the middle of the void, a purple spectre stood before him. His mask was battered and flayed, and red eyes stared back at him. The damned soul spoke to him in an unknown language, but he could clearly hear what it was saying in his head.

- Don't resist, go back to the Goo! The Goo is the only way out!

The cursed soul approached and was about to engulf him when it suddenly stopped, disturbed by something. She turned around in surprise.

In a corner of Eolinius' brain, another soul, just as black, but of a different nature appeared, crawling on the floor of a dark and viscous cave. She pushed forward the worm-eaten furniture and chairs which collapsed in a cloud of dust. Advancing in the darkness we could not see his face. This otherworldly emanation was hidden behind a mirror.

The Purple - « What? You ! What are you doing here ? This is not your territory! »

The dark witch spoke in a slow, barely audible voice.

Kaï Ho-ko - « Perhaps... But who can say where the border between the end of one world begins... and the beginning of the next? »

The Purple - « What are you doing here? Don't tell me you're interested in this miserable Tryker! »

Kaï Ho-ko - « He, no. But the strength within him intrigues me. »

The Purple - « A strength ? There is no strength. What they call their seed of life was forged thanks to Goo. She has to go back to the Goo to feed it.

The black witch, oscillating between two worlds, smiles convulsively.

Kaï Ho-ko - « Here perhaps, but there are other worlds just as dark… Do not underestimate the power of this tryker and his guild. They are protected by a lake spirit. In their language they call this power the Nhor Drakan, the black dragon. I felt it when I once entered the head of their leader. Sometimes I see it in their dreams. »

The Purple exploded into a thousand small purple bubbles which flew away in the icy wind.

The Purple – « MOUAHAHAHA! A black dragon protecting these damn little trykers? Don't tell me that you, old witch, believe in fairy tales! »

Kaï Ho-ko - « Those damn little trykers who stick their noses everywhere? Especially in your business ? The fact remains that despite all the diabolical stratagems your foolish Antekamis-kaze have tried to deploy, you've never succeeded to break them. »

We felt a touch of irony in the morbid voice of the black witch.

The purple witch was about to explode again, but this time in anger. She changed her mind, no doubt touched by the accuracy of the words.

The Purple - « Yeah, so what ? Maybe I didn't use the best pawns at my disposal. »

While the witches were busy bickering, Eolinius cowered as much as he could and taking advantage of a moment of inattention, he tried to move away slowly without noise. Unfortunately his foot crushed a dead branch which crackled under his weight. The two witches then looked at him intensely.

Eolinius shouted: ANNN!


In a flash of silver as short as a fraction of a second, Eolinius saw the flight of a dragon's wing.

He found himself panting, sitting on the edge of his hammock.

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She opens her eyes.

She can't quite remember who she is...

She looks around and sees a very old Zoraï.
She can't remember the homine's name, but she knows she's met him before.
The very old Blue argues with an indistinct purple shape...

Behind the two creatures, a trembling form tries to move discreetly away,

But, La Sorcière, Oy c'est ça! Pom remembers...
The Witch, alerted by a noise, turns to...
...Ny-Eolinius, Oy that's his Talla Eolinius.

Just as the immortal Zoraï is about to grab the terrified Tryker, a powerful black energy comes into play.
Pom takes advantage of the diversion to push Eolinius over the horizon of the Dream Mirror and disappear.

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Y syln Ubhal / Je suis Pomme
Y Teinh'Lir Zir Tor TRYKA!!! / Je combattrai toujours pour La Liberté!!!

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Multilingual | Français | [English]
Eolinius had returned to everyday life, seeing his faithful and joyful Talai of Lochi again and resuming his obligations to the Federation. He had always kept his business card from the water company with him and thought that taking a trip to analyze the water in Lochi would give him some fresh air. He therefore traveled the analysis grounds with Gnookie, his solid Gnoof mount capable of transporting several barrels at the same time. The weather was clear and the breeze blew gently as he walked along the cliff northeast of Fairhaven. Gnookie went straight, unlike Tapioca who was always looking for flowers to eat right and left.

Suddenly he felt weak and dizzy. He paced Gnookie and approached the cliff, stopping under an overhang in the shadow of the daylight. He leaned over, putting one hand to lean against the wall, and blew a little.

A distant whisper echoed in his head.

- « Tala … »

Eolinius looked around, frightened.

- « Eh ? »

- « … beware of her … »

He could recognize this voice among thousands, a voice from a distant past, but how was that possible ?

Eolinius said in a trembling voice:

- “Eny… but… is it Sul? … Po … Pom ? »

The whispering grew fainter and fainter, barely audible.

- « … find the wild sap … find … my littly one … she … »

Eolinius tried to concentrate on the voice, but the connection was broken. Pom ? This was not possible. He himself had attended her cremation during a grueling ceremony organized by his brother Fleurdetuber [1].

Although with Ubhal, he was used to expecting anything from her. Was his soul still there ? Had she managed to get through the mirror ? This story that didn't hold up ? He didn't know how, but she was capable of it. He wondered if he should tell his Talai that their Tali was still there. He was seized with doubt. What if it was a trick of the witch he had seen in his dreams ? The one Jazzy was talking about in the past ?

He caught his breath and headed towards Fairhaven, holding Gnookie tightly.

[1] Ubhal's funeral

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