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Being a neutral toon - i hate having my bag cluttered with both Kami and Kara pacts. I wonder how difficult it would be for us to have 1 crystal for neutral Kami pacts and 1 crystal for neutral Kara pacts?

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

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If we take into account the lore, as well as recent (and not so recent) rumors and other popular and truthful speculation, then we have the following picture:
- Kamists. They receive their artifact from Kami.
- Karavanians. They receive their artifact from the Karavan.
- Rangers. They get their it, whatever it's called, from the Kitins.
- Marauders. Marauders apparently make their own crystals using salvaged tech and passionate self-overcoming.
- Neutrals... Well, they are just simply proud that they are neutrals!

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Ther must be a better way to organization telepacts - and since there are fame restrictions, then it should be easy to allow Rangers and Neutrals to have 1 central location for both the Kami and Karavan pacts that are purchaseable.

That is all I am wondering...

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+1 !!!
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