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Staerano's logbook

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I blackened this parchment to pass the time... The truth revealed is sometimes blinding...
Such news would have surprised me, even seemed absurd and untrue, if it hadn't come from him, Nizyros Delka, my guild leader.
Still, it's hard to take in...
As refugees, we know almost nothing about our origins. Yet I had to meet my story.
On Fairhaven Lagoon, on the terrace of the Façade des Vents, Nizyros revealed to me what he knew of my father, and a little of what my father had told him of his family.
But, he told me, my father, Valino, wasn't very talkative, and confided only in a very small circle of intimates, including Nizyros.
Before he died, my father had entrusted him with a parchment and told him to read it to me when he felt I was strong enough to defend myself. That evening, Nizyros handed me the leather capryni, and this is what I deciphered:
Domini died, under the claws of the Kitins, and Er...enio ...(the spelling here was imprecise so that one could decipher: Ervenio or Erhenio)... faillit y...(the leather is stained in this area)...
The Devastating Swarm ...( illegible )... he managed to climb a Salina-Giant, where he hid among the foliage. Up there, he lived through days of nameless anguish and fear, fearing that the swarming hordes would ...( instead of text, a large burn mark on the leather )
... when Snow and Cold came, a group of wandering survivors found him huddled against the trunk, looking half-dead. They recognized his face, for they had seen it earlier when King Domini had revealed him to the people as his heir.
( illegible )... were lavished on him. But he didn't wake up thanks to them, but of his own accord, one night, when he let out a cry of exultation that echoed through the mist. The chief of the survivors questioned him and ... ( illegible )... then recounted a strange dream he'd had ( I don't know who was recounting this dream, the chief or the heir, details are lacking ) in which a golden throne towered above all the Matis people, protected by an irresistibly resplendent Kami.
For we now know who this Kami is and what he wants:
... (a word written in characters that appear to be from an ancient, untranslatable Matis dialect)...
Known as Ma-Duk, as we learned on the New Lands, this dream must be a prophecy of the return of a descendant of our Prince.
We will protect him and his family until Ma-Duk's will is fulfilled.

Nizyros then said to me:
- it was one of the survivors of the Kingdom of Matia who wrote these lines. It was he who accompanied the Prince's son to the New Lands, long after these events. He died shortly after arriving on the continent. Since then, this manuscript has been passed down through your family, for, yes, you are of royal lineage! Your mother Jyhanne has kept a medallion that her late husband, Valino, inherited directly from the rescued Prince. I'm sure she'll hand it over to you shortly.

Since then, my head has been full of questions... Could I really be royal sap?

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Staerano, surveying Fairhaven Lagoon, broods over dark thoughts.
He preferred to leave the Majestic Gardens, and moved into the same building as his guild, on the façade of the Winds. That evening, he picked up his quill and parchment again.
Since that stormy encounter with the Royal Scribe Copal Frerini, I feel I can no longer travel to Yrkanis, or any other Matis city, without fear.
He was undoubtedly right, and Serae Liosta backed him up, in enjoining me to leave the Green Peaks, but in his words I thought I detected a tone of threat. Had we not been in the presence of his wife, I'm sure he would have gladly become the avenging arm of the Karan's honor.
Well, at least he let it slip that my parchment was indeed ancient. But no need to ask him for an in-depth opinion: no sooner had he read what was written on it than he ordered me to keep this vellum out of sight, and even, in his words, out of mine!
The spirit of this noble Matis has put blinders on itself to anything that might remotely call into question the legitimacy of his Karan or his Karavan guides.
They have poisoned the spirit of my people for too long. It's high time the Cult of Ma-duk succeeded.
In harmony with the precept of the Supreme Kami "Just as I sowed the seeds of existence to the wind to prepare for your life on Atys, you must spread kamie enlightenment to the four corners of the world."

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Sit down at your desk and put your thoughts in order.

Take an official-looking sheet.
After all, he had what it took to be a Royal Scribe.

Dip your pen in the inkwell.
Check with the eye of habit that there was just enough to avoid making pâté.

Breathe in one last time.
Place the nib at the exact angle for a perfect line.
Start the stroke of full and loose.
Lettre au Karan Stevano et au Karin Aniro
Nya-Karan, Nya-Karin,

I must inform you of a meeting I had today.

A young Matis from the "Eternal Moon" house by the name of Staerano is currently circulating in the Kingdom.
In a seemingly innocent and spontaneous manner, he presents a parchment to those who pay attention to him.

I was able to consult this parchment. It's quite damaged, but the important thing is that its contents seem to imply that Karan Domini, whether he walks in the light of Jena, would have had an heir other than Karan Yasson.
Even more disturbing, and my pen trembles as I write this, the descendants of this alleged heir are said to be followers of kamis.

The document passed into the hands of the head of the "Eternal Moon".
I have no certainty as to its authenticity and have not been able to examine it thoroughly. I can only reasonably attest to its antiquity.
The young Staerano himself spoke of his doubts on the subject.
He also mentioned that his own late father had once considered claiming the Matis throne, but on behalf of someone else. He did not specify who.

I enjoined him to cease his slander immediately.

His young age and lack of knowledge of the Kingdom's habits and customs may explain why he didn't understand what was at stake.
I can't judge at this stage whether he's a pawn in a larger game. And if so, who's behind it all?
I'll be sure to pass on any further information I receive on this subject.

I remain yours faithfully,
Filira Copal Frerini

Sign it.
Reread one last time. Check for errors.
Frown on the last paragraph.
Liosta was often a good judge of homin nature. But she sometimes still retained a little too much of the Trykeri's natural trust in their fellow man.
This Staerano... Even a Tryker child had to understand that you don't openly question Yasson's lineage like that. And he was an adult homin. In a politically active house.
Could he really be as innocent as he said? Or as Liosta seemed to think?

The Palace never really slept.
It was better to carry his letter immediately than to repeat it too many times.

Liosta slept peacefully.
Copal slipped out of the apartment towards Yrkanis.

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The flame rises straight up, in the cool evening air. A campfire is set up in the Souche Flététrie, on the most remote ledge where few homins come...
The hand reaches out over the glowing embers, the object it holds resembling a necklace made of fine twigs.A Matis insignia appears on it, a Salina, but another inscription appears on it, evoking the Karan crown.The flame comes to lick the fine ornament.The fire quickly takes hold, devouring and inescapable.The hand lets go of the medallion, which falls into the heart of the fire like a wildfire that has come to the end of its course.a green flame rises, then the object is nothing but ashes, which are carried away in the smoke.a bundle of ink-covered leathers falls in its turn. the parchments shrivel and blacken...
The crackling has ceased in the stump, the bellowing of the Armas gives rhythm to the night of Atys.
It will be enough, and I wonder if Copal wasn't right to tell me to hide the manuscript. In fact, the Lucios taken from the manuscripts and the medallion are enough for me, and will be more discreet if spies or the overly insistent pry into the house.
They were certainly antiques, but they're far from valuable, and I couldn't risk losing the originals.
As for the lucios, they're caulked in a jar, under shells I drilled in the jungle.
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