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Event-Ersteller: Spieler Kyriann und Ostium & Event-Team .
Art des Events: Rollenspiel.
Geeignete Level: Alle.

Zeitpunkt des Events: Sunday, 26 November 20:00:00 UTC (2 weeks ago).
Voraussichtliche Dauer: Etwa zwei Stunden.
Treffpunkt: Avendale, See der Freiheit, Aeden Aqueous.

Betroffene Homins: Freunde von Kyriann und Ostium.
Synopsis: Kyriann und Ostium laden ihre Freunde zu ihrer Hochzeit ein.
Weitere Informationen: RP Mitteilung

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Will this event be safe enough for low-level characters?

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This is a wedding, not a war, so it should be good for low-level.
But it will depend on how many byrhs you can drink before you get sick...

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c'est un mariage tryker, tout est possible (meme si les amplis sont sensés rester avec les bottes: au vestiaire) :D

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This is exactly what I'm talking about.
I remember the last presumably carefree walk along the shores of the lakes, which did not foretell anything bad, ended in a bloody fight with some local hooligans somewhere in the roots. As a result, the hills were strewn with corpses.
And this despite the fact that no one even started getting drunk.

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Coucou :)

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