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ok, the title is the biggest point of this thread, to ask for input from marauder players and maybe give some of them a little perspective to consider in the future.

here's my question for you related to forced pvp zones: if it's your RP to be a marauder, and not something more extreme shouldn't your RP be deeper then "kill anyone not us on sight full stop"?

why have some players went out of their way to kill me when i was just passing by? and claim it was RP, why not demand 25,000 dappers per head to go unharmed?, isn't that deeper RP? a player like me that doesn't like to directly RP via toon but does like to write 3rd party rp'ish stories might interact with you and then join you in RP in that way, either by paying the 25,000 dappers (pays for 2 PR crystal charges and half a third after all) or by refusing to join in RP and explaining why.

because i'm not a digger, i don't dig in pr, if i do it'll be simply to drop dig mission mats there to finish out the tree, i can gear all my toons in choice gen mats and play and enjoy ryzom more then effectively, i often refuse boss mats or give them to active friendly guilds that are growing and could use them, as i personally have a stockpile built over the time since merger some years ago (i forget it's been awhile)

i don't have a big demand, and i've learned that i can rock the game with nothing more then choice gen mats and maybe a named or two (and with a 43 minute resapwn, named aren't really an issue anyway) you want the sup mats, get them i couldn't care less, but the map is forced pvp and i don't get a choice even in just passing through (braking the sandbox nature of ryzom with the use of force in choice for an entire map), the supernodes could be set up like an OP zone, but where anyone that enters it would be forced into pvp as soon as they entered it... maybe i'll talk to ulu about that idea)

if a map forces you into pvp, there shouldn't be anything PvE related on that map, making that map a pvp ONLY thing, and becasue of that fact, it would go as unused as the matis arena does now (outside special events) because if PVP was really the core of ryzom, the arena would be full and there would be talk about who's at the top of the leader board every day in uni chat, but we don't.

too often bad behavior is excused for some reason or another, only making that the more 'normal' thing because everyone just lets it go on thinking it will get better as it only goes the other way faster...

everywhere in the world everyone just let's extreme behavior go on and never speaks up, it's everywhere all the time, i came to ryzom to escape that, and for the longest time i could, but here in the last few years i can't even do that, when i want to play i get attacked because a map forces me to be pvp tagged when i have no desire to kill homins (or dig a supernode, that i don't care about because i don't dig in PR)

this whole thing comes down to the failure of the forced pvp map wide issue, maybe put super nodes in the matis arena, then you can all pvp your hearts out digging and guarding it somewhere that doesn't involve attacking players that are not aggressive to you, i don't hold ill will to anyone based on RP, i don't have that kind of hate anymore even for a games RP, i always try to unite people, so if all this makes me a target, f**k it, ryzom's not the cure for me or the escape from the hell of RL because what i wish to escape the most IRL is here finding me all over again now, just proving that peace is a fantasy you can't even have in a fantasy world.

anyway, this whole thing is way off track of where i wanted to go, but it does have gems in it none the less, so for better or worse i've said my lot. there are serious issues to acting like a terrorist and claiming it's just RP, because if it was RP, then where's the demand in char for payment to pass, or anything at all else wise, further more why does your hateful RP supersede my peaceful RP, because a map forced it on me is the ONLY reason. (this isn't to all marauder players, but a select few who know who they are taint your faction the same as a small group taint a whole religion.)

i'd really love a route to lakes that wasn't a living hell on atys vs pve and uber tight spaces or a forced pvp route AND hard pve, but that's like trying to rediscover the old lands and/or/if the kitin of the depths are still there in huge numbers, if they are growing or not, things like that, because i started ryzom based on it's lack of PVP (beta players can remember, duel or nothing days).

way way way off track, but i'll still post, gems hidding in the shit but too invested to try to proof read it again, it keep growing and not getting 'finished' (maybe that's ryzom's issue too, all that proof reading...... maybe not. lolx)



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Tuer à vue un personnage peut être une forme de RP. Mais comme tu l'as dit, ça ne doit pas être imposé. C'est à ceux qui tuent à vue de faire attention à cela. Soit ils connaissent le joueur et savent qu'untel est d'accord pour être tué sans sommation (par exemple, vous pouvez tuer Azazor si ça vous chante sans même le prévenir), soit dans le doute il lui demande. Mais tuer à vue sans savoir, c'est effectivement à mon sens un manque de fairplay. J'espère au moins que les personnes qui ont tué ton personnage savent maintenant qu'ils ne devraient pas te tuer à vue. Sinon, envoie-leur un message.


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