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Ambassadeur Bei Lochi Eolinius à la Nair-Gouverneure Ailan Mac'Kean

Addition to the agenda for the next Taliari meeting
Subject following the disastrous Akenak assembly in Pyr

Lordoy Nair-Governor Ailan

At this assembly in Pyr, we immediately noticed that something was wrong with Ambassador Lorlyn's attitude and that she didn't quite seem to be in her right frame of mind. Despite a few remarks, the assembly had so far passed without incident, until the ambassador took the floor. Nair-Lorlyn appeared disoriented and made incoherent remarks to the officials, not hesitating to declare that the Federation was bankrupt and its citizens were starving, provoking astonishment and then emotion among the assembly participants. With the help of Taliar Nair-Kyriann, we were able to exfiltrate the Ambassador from the assembly before the masquerade turned into a catastrophe for Tor the Federation, avoiding a diplomatic incident but unable to avoid the disgrace of such a situation.

Y don't know what procedure to follow in such a case Eny to my great regret y proposes that the Taliari vote on an extraordinary motion to lift Ambassador Nair-Lorlyn's charges. During this rest, which y I sincerely hope will be temporary, she will be obliged to have her mental health examined by a wise man, as a condition for y hopefully resuming her duties as soon as possible.

Federation Ambassador

Tor Lochi !
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