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#1 Multilingual 

Il serait bien d'ajouter un pnj pour faire teindre les mats.
Sa pourrait ajouter de nouvelle couleurs sur les crafts des armures.

actuellement il y a quatre couleur maitresses qui donne de bonnes stats: blanc, noir, rouge et bleu

avoir des armure violet, beige ect qui aurait les meme stats qu'un noir par exemple serait vraiment trop cool!

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#2 [fr] 

I think it's an excellent idea.
I'd even like it to be a new profession!
And as we move up the ladder, we earn new tintable colors, all while practicing our craft, of course!
Step 2: green
Echelon 3: turquoise
Level 4: beige
Echelon 5: violet
Step 6: color of choice
With the possibility of failing dyeing, and by reducing the % of failures with q70 craft items.
This could be a subject for botanists and fashion designers alike.
It would add value to color-tinted outfits.


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#3 [fr] 

Good idea.
and even more for a new profession.

#4 [fr] 

meme si j'ai deja proposer ça il y euh a mon reyour de lotro :) a la reco serveur :)

today I say bad idea

because when you're working on recipes, you don't spend much time on them :)
you can make a pretty turquoise :) or beige :) or even purple mage armor, but yes, you have to look for it:)

to dye it, yes, that would be easy :) and quick, and it would diversify the armors we see on op. After that, do we have to wear top gear all the time?

So for all that, sorry, I'm against dyes :) in tribute to all the crackers who, like me, have spent hours of research


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