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Olorin finishes tidying the apartment.
Amaurea takes care of the children's baths, while she tidies up their playroom.

His joints creak, his muscles ache... he feels old.
All that time away from combat had numbed his body and slowed his reflexes.
It hurt, but it was necessary.
It was difficult to withdraw from the world, but it was necessary. They needed it.

The children are grown up now. They'll be going to school and gaining a little independence. Maybe it's time for Amaurea and me to take up arms again?

It's been 10 years* since the events. Ezek is dead**, Nizyros has been convicted and served his sentence and Anonyma...
Her eyes mist over as she thinks of her friend. What that swine has done to her is irreparable, and she'll never get better.

The matis watches his wife descend the stairs. Their eyes meet, she understands and nods.
Go ahead, I'll put things in order and join you.

This homine is perfect," Olorin thinks with a smile.
He quickly packs a bag, kisses the children and cracks a pact for Fairhaven.

Olorin feels a certain satisfaction that his badge still unlocks the entrance to the Hall of Tears.
The hall door creaks open. Everything is turned off. The furniture is littered with dust...
Yet everything is in order, the stock is full and perfectly arranged. Chef Scooby has done a great job.

Matis glances at the bulletin board, the latest messages date back several months or even years.
Poor Scooby, it must have been hard for her to see the guild emptied of its members... of its Tears.

He left first, almost like a thief.
After the events that struck Anonyma, and then the birth of the children, he preferred to take a back seat.

Olorin takes a piece of paper, and writes:
My dear Scooby,
Sorry, I'm forgetting the prerogatives due to your rank.

I hope you're well.
After several years' retirement, Amaurea and I are thinking of going back into business.
I'm honored that you've kept us in the guild and I thank you for it.
I can see that Tears' activity has been a little sluggish lately.
I hope you get my izam and that we can meet again soon on the bark.

See you soon

The izam sent, Olorin settled into the sofa in the main room, his main sleeping place a few years earlier.

Sleep... what is it? What do our dreams consist of?
I feel as if I've been dreaming during this ten-year period of inactivity. Yet it felt real, even more real than this moment.
What is dream? What is reality? Who are we?

At this last question, the homin smiled:
That I know! We're pawns, pawns in the hands of children playing at war... The Kamis? The Karavan? Ma-Duk or Jena? Some other superior entity? Who cares?
These incessant wars between homins in the name of strange beings... in the name of religions, be they Kami, Kara or even Marauders... homins just play at war.
It's all a game... is it really real?

Olorin is awakened by pecks against the window. An izam waits impatiently.
It's a letter from Scooby.
How long did I sleep?
Olorin looks at the clock. Only two hours? As quick as ever!
The short answer is:
Olo! Stay there! I'm coming, I'm coming.

He smiles: Well, if I put this bottle away before it gets here...
Barely enough time to put the bottle in the garbage can before the door to the hall bursts open and the Zoraï throws herself into her friend's arms.
Olorin's questions are many and Scooby answers them in great detail. It's a long, drunken evening to celebrate the reunion.

The next day, Amaurea also arrived in Fairhaven. The two matis resume their adventures...

*[HRP: 10 years IRL, please help me with the in-game date]
**[HRP: at least according to my information, please contact me to help me update my info]


Fuyez ! Pauvres fous...

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HRP It might be more than the children's bath, it would be the grandchildren's bath because 10 years IRL is 50 years of Jena roughly speaking :)
But welcome back to Bark! Nice to see some roleplayers back


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