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THINGS I WOULD ADD to make the game easier to play

1.- The missions after taking them can not be seen in detail what you are looking for, i.e. to read them again with j

2.- In the craftsmanship the amount that each object asks for is shown but not the suggestion, I would add that to the map as a temporary mission or to mark something.

3.- There are no fixed buffs or racial buffs for characters, e.g. matis have life regeneration for being naturists.

4.- There are no temporary buffs the famous scrolls that give some advantage and/or disadvantage for a certain period of time.

5.- The cd of reuse of some things are long I would improve that with some profession buff.

6.-Lack of enchantments is an additional option to the equipment, not the characteristics that are added with the profession.

7.- There are no aoe powers at low lv so you die fast vs several mobs every time or you have to run away when you fight vs 5 mobs and almost all actions are done without moving static, also many mobs evade more than yourself.

7.- There is not much change of clothing armor at low lv or little customization I see little difference between one and the other (put more bright colors).

8.- There is a lack of an object transfigurator or something that encourages to change clothes independently that is the same of another user and looks different.

9.- No pets or temporary mounts at low lv uff running all the time from side to side.

10.- There is a lack of daily missions that are restarted with a gift or object that can be used as a profession.

11.- In the missions the object is highlighted with that circle but many times it is not understood which object is to be searched for.

12.- I have not seen more dungeons or zone bosses yet as a mini event to move users to kill it.

131.-That humanoid mobs drop items of basic clothing less than the one they have so as not to affect anything.

14.- No more action bars can be placed, only 2.

15.- It does not allow to put potas in bar for everything macros are required.

16.- It does not allow to use objects with double left click, everything asks for options, it would improve the HUD that for example my name above comes out with a mini-face or something like that.

17.- There is no food for the character or create them with what is given from mobs.


18.- In order to make the community grow, each player that attracts a friend to play with him and that this other one reaches a certain lv or hours playing, I would give both a visible title, pet, buff or something of their own so they encourage them to bring more people.

19.- That the staff usually make events of best photos of the game in their social networks, a minivideo of 1 minute or something similar talking about the game and the winner will be chosen by likes on the official Facebook page of the game.

20.- That boss, pvp, treasure hunt, object or specific zone events are made.

21.-That a GM is seen in the game chat on a regular basis in order to show that you are in the game helping or assisting, remember that the game is you and the people.

Of the above maybe some things are already there but I don't know it because I'm new and for the same reason there is not a more dynamic way to know everything, people in general don't read everything xD and thanks

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Hi, I think you are addressing some important points. But there are a few points that have been implemented, but perhaps not so obviously noticed:4) There are temporary buffs: either plants or potions - or larvae, magnetic cards and other professional products.7b) There are a lot of possibilities in clothing - it depends on the blueprint and the ingredients...10) Daily missions are available for everyone (outside Silan) and can be set in level steps 0-50,50-100,100-150,150-200 and 200-250 according to different categories (combat, digging,...).14) Each of the two action bars with 20 stanzas each also has 10 bars between which you can switch. So you have a total of 20 action bars with a total of 400 stanzas available.


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