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Under the cover of night, a silhouette makes its way through Fyros and Zoraïan towns, hanging its messages here and there.
Message placardé
You, the peoples of the nations, are nothing but big hypocrites, monsters thirsting for blood and sap, and what's worse is that you pretend to be Good.

It's true that there are plenty of tribes where you get pushed around, but at least the people there don't pretend that everyone deserves a chance, that everyone is free and equal and all that.

It's true that Akilia and her henchmen are violent and terrifying, but they don't pretend to be good guys and defend the widow and the orphan.

Nikuya the Awakened and Naveruss the akenakos, they represent your peoples, they're there to embody wisdom and truth, and how do they apply that? They kidnap and torture people and hide them and make sure no one can save them. And they do it for what? For justice? No, justice doesn't look like that, it's not about beating people up and hurting them in the hope that they'll stop living, and that the world will then look like what they believe. And anyway, they just believe in a world where there are people they can beat up without any consequences, because they've declared them to be "bad guys", and it doesn't matter that they're not really bad guys.

All my childhood, I was told that all homins deserved a dignified life. That everyone had the right to be protected and that justice made sense, that it prevented bad people from doing bad things, and that it made good people feel safe.

But the truth is, it's not true. When you're a member of a nation, you have the right to kill, torture, imprison, enslave and all sorts of other ugly things anyone who isn't from your nation. And if someone says that's not okay, you'll say you have the right, because Ma-duk gave you power over the rest of the world maybe? And if you're a good person and you're just trying to live quietly without bothering anyone, there's nothing to stop bad people like this akenakos and this Awakened One coming to hurt you one day, there's no one to help you.

There's no justice, and Nikuya and Naveruss are just the most visible examples of the hypocrisy of nations, but there are plenty of people like that. And if you think it's wrong, then fight your governments, start a revolution, sue bad homines like that.

I'm glad I'm no longer a citizen of any country, and I'll never be taken in by your filthy lies again. The others aren't so kind, but at least they're teaching me to be a better person. And anyone with a bit of common sense should do the same, throw their leaders into the goo, spit on the symbols of belonging to nations, and become truly free.

Next to each cupboard, another sheet is stapled, a text well known to the Four Nations: the Declaration of Human Rights. But the text is covered across by a " Lies!!! "written in large red chalk.
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