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Hello everyone. It is with great sorrow to inform the Ryzom community that on August 30th, 2023 Zatarga (in the real world) died. Those who knew him – understood that his life's work was invigorating, complicated, and life-changing for the people, and communities he touched (he personally changed mine, and my family's for the better). I will not go into a long eulogy because this is not place for it – but there are two things that he would always tell me that I would like to share.

First; “Life is simple, unpredictable, and beautiful yet always remember that even though something ends, something new begins, so take a deep breath and move on.”

Second; “The suffering inhabits this planet, the weak are food for Gods and Demons and the strongest of men fight to eat at their table. – start to understand how to better use your time (instead of time using you) or you will be the food on the table and not seated at the table.”

Time is so short, and extremely precious - that is one teaching that I will never forget. I miss him.

Thank you, and Godspeed.


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My condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.

I haven't personally had many interactions with him, I do remember giving him all my choice monster materials during one of my apartment cleanups.

Hope he found some use for them and his ever hungry quest for kinrey material. May he rest in peace.


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Hugs SoYeok

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Sad news. This is a loss.
May he rest in peace.

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My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


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Good day, Ryzom. I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has contacted me directly. It means alot that the community cares regardless of how a man is viewed or perceived.

There is a passage that I would like to share. "What is man? His life a point in time, his substance a watery fluxion, his perceptions dim, his flesh food for worms, his soul a vortex, his destiny inscrutable, his fame doubtful. In sum, the things of the flesh are a river, the things of the soul all dream and smoke; life is war and a posting abroad; posthumous fame ends in oblivion."

Thank you again...
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