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Accounts younger than 2 years old should be limited to posting at most one new thread per week in the Ideas for Ryzom forum.

Young homins can have good ideas about improving life on Atys. However, they have experienced VERY little of the game and should have humility about what they don’t yet know about it. The posting limit would encourage younger accounts to think more critically about which of their ideas might have merit and are worthy of sharing with the community.

This limit would only apply to posting new ideas. It would not prevent accounts younger than 2 years from replying to as many existing threads as they like.


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Rules for Posting

To keep things running smoothly please adhere to the following:

- 1 idea per thread only. If you find that the idea of the thread brings you onto another idea, make a new thread.
- Search the forum for identical/similar ideas before posting.
- Keep the posts on-topic and relevant.

All posts are subject to the forum guidelines. Any off-topic posts are subject to deletion.

In case you make a mistake, requests for merging or splitting of threads can be addressed to me or SGM Mokoi.

Remember: Just because *you* think something is a good idea it does not mean that it is or that others agree with you; and also just because *you* *don't* like something it does not mean that it's bad or that others agree with you.

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Those are the current rules and guidelines. I’m proposing amending them.


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Well, just because there's a case at the moment of someone proposing too many things without knowing what they're doing (which is almost akin to flooding) doesn't mean we have to come up with an additional rule that no one will read anyway, and which will give the moderator extra work.


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Thank the higher powers for uBlock, the great tool for maintaining an ignore list.
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