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For the sake of interest, I tried starting as a new character and threw away the seeds of the bush on which to train combat. И... it turned out to be impossible to pass the tutorial, because it is impossible to cancel the task and take it again, with the addition of missing seeds.
Ideally, this problem is solved through tech support, until the developers deign to add a point to double-check the presence of seeds in the conditions of passing the tutorial as a ritual, but.... this is an open source game, right? So why hasn't this problem been solved before them? No one has done this before, or admitted to it? O_o

In any case, new seeds for training will not be superfluous for beginners. You can add them through a dialog item with one of the mentors, or put the generation point near the wisdom cube (there is plenty of free space there).
And by the way, the size of this selectable object should be significantly increased. It is too small, you can't see it at once against the background of other big boxes.

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je me pose vraiment la question de savoir si tu aimes Ryzom ou si t'as juste du temps à perdre.
tu tapes sur les dev et l'équipe en générale, mais à part critiquer ou proposer des " evolutions" qui modifierai entierement le gameplay, si vraiment le system de jeu ne te plait pas, deux choses :
de une , pourquoi tu restes?
de deux: met toi au code et créée ton propre jeu vu qu'apparament ça a l'air d'etre si simple.

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