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When we collect all the necessary materials we need to change the color and icon of the questers, highlight green text in the mission window, so that the player immediately understand that this task no longer requires farming and you can change the occupation to delivery :)

If we already know where we need to carry things, we can add a button to highlight the delivery destination, or set a special marker on the map, in case the usual pointer is missing for some reason, or lost against the background of other user's marks.

Ideally, quests that are ready for delivery should be moved to the end of the list, or to another list altogether, focusing the user's attention only on the uncompleted items of other assignments, showing them in a list, rather than indicating only a list of missions with a lumpy description of only one currently selected task.
The example of other successful mmorpgs is very indicative of how the process can be optimized. After all, Raizome is more than 20 years old, many successful solutions created during the past time were not implemented in it from the beginning and it can be fixed (if there is a desire to do so).

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