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Allow the player to choose the desired option for completing the quest.

For example, the florist suggests filling one of four vases with flowers.
Three variants with a different type and the last one requires a piece of each of the three types.
Allow interaction with any of the four vases, without having to cancel and take the quest until the vase we want falls out.

Toolmaker: you need to provide a finished weapon of the right quality. Allow any weapon to be handed over to the craftsman, as long as the required quality is met - any item at all will do, even a two-handed sword that is not on the current quest list.
If possible, it's worth rewarding the number of professional consumables depending on the recipe of the item and its value (so that an easily created 2-2-1-1 dagger doesn't give the same benefit as a complexly created axe, or a mace with 3+ components in each position), but you can leave +1 to the counter as it is now, if it's too hard to balance :)

Another important moment for the master of tools - to move the assistant receiving raw materials for the hilt in the room to the master, so as not to run back and forth, regularly canceling and taking the quest again, until the desired variant falls out.

Cargographer and water carrier is balanced a bit differently - allow route selection by the player in a separate "where do you want to go?" dialog. Or generally highlight all possible points, allowing to take a quest item in any of them, wherever the player comes. Thankfully each route has a fixed difficulty and duration that hardly changes over time. Here everything is very simple to balance even simple players like us, simply walking through the points with a timer, on foot, on a mount and teleport by faction, to compare and choose the least expensive option as a reward =)

The Kitins' lair requires level 250, or trickery with luring in guards, which is very close to exploiting vulnerabilities in the game mechanics, so I prefer not to do it so as not to ruin the fun of the game. I leave suggestions for related professions to those who want to do it (for years) :)
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