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If resources are in close proximity to the player, the resource tracking mode is disabled as having completed its task.
I suggest adding a "highlight" of the resource's place in this check as a natural outcome of successful tracking.

And expand the area of any search to 1 meter around the player. So that you don't have to spin in one place, trying to find this very nearly found resource node with a rather limited search area (at low level).

If there are many types of resources in a narrow area of guaranteed success, you can display a window asking which resource the player wants to mine.
Including the permission to try to mine a resource not at the current level, if there will be a desire to take a risk, to try your luck. All the same, there will be no serious mining without proper pumping, but the excitement is worth it, just like in the days of the "gold rush" :)

At higher levels will open a targeted search for the right resources and after level 50 you can pump the collection on different landscapes, collecting points to pump the right skills, but at the beginning of the path you need a clear direction and comfort mining, otherwise few people will want to become a professional resource miner, when farming mobs is much easier, faster and the loot is much richer than the same with nodes mining, all other things being equal.
I would like to see their performance equalized at all levels, not just the highest.
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