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Running out of time on the timer interrupts mining, but if the player has not dug up all available resources (the blue bar is not completely empty), it can be allowed to continue mining, with an efficiency penalty, or to search again, with a new focus cost.

In the prototype, I came up with the idea that continuing with a penalty is more convenient because it allows me not to restart many ongoing processes like re-querying remaining quantity, security, node health, etc.

But there are some nuances that are worth elaborating on.
Repeating the mining is considered a new attempt and spends Kami's Patience as a new search and mining the next node.
Before we continue mining, we will spend the same focus value as when we started mining the first time (it is stored separately).
There will also be a pause equal to the time it takes to find a new deposit before we can continue mining in the same location again.
The focus return will count the same as a new search and mining attempt.
You can add a new button next to "take all" and "discard all" to start the mining continuation. Or as a context action in the mining (search) menu. Like tracking a field there is a tracking mode with showing numbers and ending tracking by clicking on the same button. Alternatively you could just add a new action, "continue mining", similar to "use enchantment magic on an item".

A separate point is the forced interruption of mining, due to a mob attack.
Personally, I put the mining time on pause when the player is not interacting with the object, so that nothing interferes with clearing the area, collect the loot and then quietly mine everything that is necessary.
Now when you click on a mob's loot, for some reason our legitimate loot from the field disappears to nowhere. It seems to be a bug in the code.
In my prototype, these non-taken resources are stored in a temporary field storage, where all resources are stacked during the mining process. This is essentially the "corpse" of the field. Just as each killed mob stores the loot in its corpse until it runs out of time, or the player picks up all the loot.
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