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Allow players to "find" (summon) new mobs at their spawn point. Similar to summoning (finding) resource nodes, usually hidden from the players' eyes.

For example, in DewDrops, there's a hunter who needs a high level yuber that can generate very close by in a couple of places (even a couple of meters away from the hunter).... or may not show up at all.
Now it is required to systematically kill other yoobers so that the game generates a new batch of birds, which must also be killed until finally the desired mob appears.

Similarly with gnuffs, in the northeast, grazing on a small "boot" as a kind of peninsula. The desired level of the mob can simply not appear and have to kill other, not needed for the quest mobs until the desired one appears.

The idea is to simplify this mopping up process by summoning exactly the mobs we need.
Provided we have learned the right hunting skill (otherwise there will be a spread, just like resource extraction).

Especially relevant for groups that need a quest mob with a long respawn time. And without significant loot falling from it - this is important. Otherwise, you may need bait, the crafting of which should be not much cheaper than the total loot from the mob, otherwise there will be a hole in the already leaky balance of Raizome.

Ideally, the fundamental (and completely unnecessary) difference between the method of resource extraction will be reduced - harvesting will cease to be inferior to farming from mobs (exactly at low levels).
If consistent logic is followed, then the level of mobs should be a guide to the maximum level of production from nearby fields. And vice versa. That is, a place where level 35 mobs graze should produce resources of about level 35, not up to level 50. And places where level 130 resources are mined should be guarded by level 130 mobs.

An additional meaning of summoning from a spavn is the ability to see a possible list of mobs that are able to appear on this point at all (if the skill of information about the place of extraction is learned).
And finally low level loot will no longer be an almost useless thing in itself, but a useful addition for fighters who value their time. Just like it happened in reality, allowing hunters to take the top of the food chain worldwide :)

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