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Coastal descent anywhere, not just in strictly defined areas where the developers have intentionally smoothed out a gentle descent.
The problem is especially noticeable in the distant traiker harbor. There are even huge joints on the map where the town bridges are shown completely different from where they are in reality. And I've regularly seen my pers, judging by the map, running on water, while questmasters marked with markers seem to be hanging in the air :)

The opportunity to climb up to the high ground, not just take a detour.
Unless there is a quest objective at the top, protected by a special "canopy" blocking other paths of passage than the one left by the developers.

Passing through friendly characters and non-martial objects in the city to run on quests, or traveling from point A to point B do not turn into a forced series of turns and the need to bypass "invisible walls".

This is especially unpleasant in the forest capital, where a low fence in some places is an insurmountable barrier, and in other places, visually almost indistinguishable, you can safely pass between the same fences.
And in the capital of the desert (Pyr) my character managed to get into a cluster of barrels near the merchants several times, from which he could not get out on his own and had to use a teleport scroll :)

Of course defenses in alert mode (which can be raised in any major city) will block the passage. Just as hostile mobs will block the way, preventing you from escaping the encirclement without neutralizing them. And going into combat mode can also cast walls, domes, spikes, and other nuisances that limit freedom of maneuver.
And climbing a mountain, in the face of stiff opposition from flying monsters is not a trivial task.
Now we're talking strictly about peaceful movement, in the absence of any threat, where our character is just going about their business and should, in theory, be able to pass where theoretically possible.

In the most severe case, going into a combat state can prohibit other forms of movement, from jumping into a saddle to diving into water.
To prevent the well-known problem of "dive-bombing", instantly turning combat into a mockery of mobs and common sense: hit - jump - hit - jump - hit - jump, repeat until complete and pointless victory over any opponent.
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