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Allow players to give stronger variants of requested items for the quest. For example, we are asked for a normal moss slovini and we can give a good (or better) moss slovini.

Ideally, the idea fits well with resource versatility and the concept of substitution with a penalty to efficiency.
For example, if we are asked for raw materials for the hilt, then logic suggests that for these purposes you can use another raw material for the hilt (of a different kind), but say with a requirement of +10 levels from the original requirement, designed for a particular type of raw material. And such a penalty can be charged for each deviation from the basic recipe (quest requirements).
Up to the point where instead of a yubo fur of level 1, in the very first Silan crafting quest, we can use a blade of level 35 from the kithins of the Silan jungle. If you don't like the logic of transmutation (turning a spearhead into a mech), I suggest you imagine that the character sells the expensive spearhead, buys the necessary mech for the quest and uses it for its intended purpose (instead of the spearhead), and puts the remaining money in his pocket. And everyone will be happy :)

An additional option: using quest resources instead of regular resources (with a strong penalty to bonus characteristics).
That is, we will be able to insert a green resource from the forest into a lake recipe that needs regular, good, or blue (lake) resources. But the efficiency of such a substitution will be a rank lower. That is, choice (2 stars, special color) will become the counterpart of good (1 star, no color). And excellent (3 stars, special color) will turn into choice (2 stars of another color). So using the original recipes will still be advantageous, but not the only option. And traveling to other biomes will not require pumping the whole chain of crafting skills from scratch for the sake of using newly dug resources in unfamiliar conditions :)

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