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We can now move between large areas and cities, with New Horizon. And that's a good thing.

We can apply movement conventions by teleporting around Kami points, or Caravan points.
But for some reason we can't use transfer directly, as in New Horizon, while we are alive - only choose a point as a place of revival (and that is not available everywhere). And that's wrong.

After much thought (and doing a series of delivery quests, with no goal markers for those quests), I came up with the idea that we could use a system of transferring to any mini-location that has its own name and notification of entering a new location. Plus a dialog, or menu, that mentions the general state of that area. Like in a conversation with a hunter you can find out the types of mobs (sorry without specifying levels, or at least color and number of stars).

The farther the displacement and the higher the difficulty of traveling on foot (or on a mount), the more expensive the teleport (and possibly longer).
In fact, the delivery quest will only cost a hundred coins more than the transfer fee. And it will be more profitable to walk by yourself, at the same time exploring the ever-changing world of Rysom.

In special cases, delays in shipments may occur.
For example, in the next five minutes there is a migration of aggressive crabs and the player is offered to wait for the end of this flash mob, or to get there himself (for example, to see this event with his own eyes :)).
It is important that such interruptions do not happen too often, take into account the behavior of the declared events, or take into account the difference in levels of the target and the player, so that the 250 level is not forced to wait for a bunch of harmless 1 level yubo =).
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