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Experienced crafters know that some materials give characteristic gains above the 100 units allowed in the crafting window, so now you have to insert other things by manually straightening the balance.
I suggest introducing an additional mechanic - a parameter to which points over the limit will be added, so that the player can redistribute them at will right in the crafting window, without having to pick up a different combination of numbers by changing ingredients.

In the future, this mechanic will expand the functionality of universal raw materials, allowing players to customize 50/100 to their needs. And other loot will become more in demand if we get additional freedom in redistributing their default characteristics. The higher the quality of resources, the more valuable the item and the more experienced the craftsman, the more of the values we can adjust, even if the limit is not exceeded. Because "freedom" in Raizome is an important part of gameplay :)
Good thing crafted items have individual characteristics and such infusion will not be a big problem, more accurately reflecting the original intent of the developers as I see it =)
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