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The star spread can persist in the same resource node.
For example, skill 50 quality, neat, is used. Node - standard, without bonuses, right at the entrance to the capital. The expected result is a resource of maximum 50 quality.
But there can be 0 stars or 1, and if the resource has a bonus from the season, there is a probability of 2 stars. That is, we get the same spread in one node as when searching for resources in the original game.
Aggressive resource extraction can drop either a higher quality value or a lower quality value (+- 10 levels, full rank spread).

Right now we end up with a single pack of equal quality, which has little relevance to the realities of mining, where you can mess up individual elements while maintaining the level of mining, as a whole.
When the idea is implemented, we get a spread of loot. In essence, a set of things with slightly different characteristics instead of a fixed one slot.

The general idea of the developers is preserved, partially changing the form of implementation: more randomness, which will be valuable for crafting and, especially, if it will be allowed to mine fractional values of resources. It's like gold miners farm not only gold ore, but also gold sand, to then process into a normal gold product :)

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Knowledge of weather, time of day, season and places where which quality can be found is one of the essential elements in resource mining in Ryzom. The game gain would not be great if a set of qualities (basic, fine, excellent, sublime) were offered.


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I know.)
In the example above, there are no 3+ stars because you can't mine 3+ in that location. Only 0-2, but in different nodes and the quality will be equal, and you need a spread.

Roughly speaking, it's like in combat. Imagine that the enemy reflects all spells. I mean, all of them. And then, in the next battle, the same enemy catches the hits. Every time!
This is a similar all-or-nothing situation in mining right now. In terms of final quality at harvest.

These hints can be embedded in the mining preparation window, too.
Let's say log: season +5, day +2, weather +1, max quality 57/50

There's not enough information out there right now. At least for beginners.
Of course, olds know everything, but if you don't help beginners (and olds, alas, don't have time - there are too few of them), the Rysom community will remain minimal. Although there were times when hundreds of users were fighting and it was cool ;-)

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Not quite sure if I understand this right, but are you saying that - in your scenario and for instance - if I was to pop a supreme node on Supernode and start digging it, the outcome might be 10 mats, but fractured into choice/excellent/supreme? That would be .. wow, so annoying!!! I mean, it is hard enough to get to a 250 quality out of a supreme node when possibly under fire from other factions and looking out for Vorax at the same time, but to then discover that I only get a fraction of supreme, get some excellent and choice (possibly even fine or basic?)?? Like ... No thank you :)



Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

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A successful act of mining will yield exactly the optimal quality and quantity for your mining level and skill bonuses.

Adjustments are made, in my understanding, for failures, which should yield one(!) failed piece of production lower in quality, not reduce the quality of the whole pack altogether.

There will also be a chance to get a higher quality than the node if a better one can be mined nearby.
That is, it will still be profitable to find more powerful nodes and the stanza of information about the node will not become obsolete.

And if someone is going to be completely unlucky, then we go to the transmuter of professions, put 4 elements and get 1 higher quality (+5). Or 2, like now, but with a chance of failure.

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drilling is already complicated enough...I don't see why we should complicate it even more...
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