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Being a legionnaire had always demanded a great deal of time, which she had then missed out on for her responsibility as akenakos of pyr. naveruss had always taken on this role with a certain superficiality, without going into any depth. And now that she was approaching a time when she would have even less time, after terrible news that had plunged her into a state of rage rarely seen before, she decided to get fully involved in this much-neglected task.

It was at Firal's side that she wandered through the shallows of Pyr. She knew the area, the stinking path hastily taken. "Avenue de cerakos", what a terrible name for this street. "Avenue de lykos" would have been more appropriate, she thought: old, dilapidated, inactive.
The area reeked, garbage of all kinds littered the streets, the atmosphere was austere and distrustful.

"Take off your akenakos badge, you could be in trouble!"

She would have been curious to see that. It would have been quite a ruckus, but she'd have got away with it, leaving behind a few broken arms, literally. But that wasn't really a desired objective, even if she would have enjoyed it, given the latest news. This new bad news offered a form of diversion, to clear her mind after such a terrible day.

"dey don't look! Someone might see us!" Lançaed firal as nave opened a bag of garbage on the floor, before quickly closing it again and plugging her nose. She contained the reflex to make a patty while her traveling companion made an outstretched salute to a gossip from an upstairs window.
The sinister visit ended there, and after the greetings naveruss went to her apartment... in thesos! True, the legions were located there, but that was hardly appropriate for an akenakos from pyr. She'd have to rectify that point too, especially as the guild hall was also used as a dormitory, all the more reason to dispense with on-site accommodation. So she added to her list of things to do, moving to pyr, not too close to the bar or the upper quarters.

So, in her apartment far away from this quagmire, she consulted amber cubes with all the notes taken during the visit, and three clear axes emerged from which came all the problems:
-Lack of jobs,
-Widespread decay.
These three problems were circular, communicating with each other, and amplifying each other in a deleterious spiral of inertia accelerating in the wrong direction. There was no point in deluding ourselves: it would be a great victory to neutralize the said inertia in ten years, so that things would stabilize and stop getting worse. And it would take a whole generation for things to improve, so how long will it take to fully restore these slums to their former glory?
"Bah all the more reason to get on with it now," thought the legionnaire with the solid discipline. One of her strengths, absolutely essential in this situation, was to tackle the problem head-on, without fear of the effort it would require.

Crime, the point with the simplest solutions. Already, there are two levels, with professional criminals above, bandit leaders, lieutenants and enforcers, and then below, delinquents who haven't yet got both feet in the door and still have a chance of getting out. The plan that emerges from the homine's military mind is simple:
-Put together a solid team of reliable legionnaires and patriots to deal with the head of crime, using all the force required. There'll be trouble, there'll be responses from the criminals, there'll be noise, and so much the better! The Celiakos will have their heads in the ramèch and won't be able to duck out, which will only bring more resources!
-And as for "petty delinquents", forced community service at the legions' expense. A kind of military service to reorient them, discipline them, train them in various practical skills, and turn these idle youths into an "elite" to counteract the harmful influences in these neighborhoods. Indeed, the priority was to protect young people from this environment and educate them so that they didn't keep it going in the wrong direction. This hard core of young delinquents she intends to train will be the ones who will have to sponsor the rest of the youth.

There, the question with the most accessible answer had been answered, now the rest. One of the problems of crime was corrupt guards, according to firal. In this case, the trick was to highlight the problem in the first place. The akenakos was going to put together a team of accomplices to tempt the guards into corruption, so as to enable her to identify them in collaboration with the chief of guards. She was going to make examples, straighten out these poor fyros and call them to order. She was also going to shake up the current organization of things with transfers and changes of posting so as not to leave undisciplined elements together, but rather mix them with reliable soldiers to bring them back into line. And lost causes, trash, they will serve as an example whose name will recall the decay of indiscipline until they do what's necessary to make up for it.

Now for the really complicated problems. General insalubrity and the lack of jobs were two complementary problems to be solved: recruiting and training craftsmen and workers to maintain the infrastructures would solve both problems. But the reality was that both problems, or rather all three, were compounded by the fact that crime was not going to be solved in a single year. Lack of employment led to idleness, which in turn led to crime, reducing the attractiveness of the slums and resulting in insalubrity and lack of activity. It was all part of a vicious circle, according to the young academics with whom Naveruss often worked to find solutions to his problems, for which blows from a sledgehammer were not enough.
It was a gigantic work of social and material renovation that had to be undertaken. It would require resources, tools and raw materials, as well as skilled workers. It was decided, this time naveruss would assemble a team of skilled craftsmen to train the inhabitants of these neighborhoods, and make sure they had everything they needed. It would obviously take a long time. Anyone who was born, raised and continues to live in the midst of crime does not become an honest patriot. But either way, she would initiate this project, which might not even be fully completed in her lifetime. Worse, it was likely to fail, this time in her lifetime, or afterwards with a gradual abandonment. But as the saying goes, she'll do whatever it takes.

That's it, everything's planned, enough thinking, now it's time to put it all into practice!


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