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When we create an avatar, we have two choices which determine "rp tags": likes to help, prefers to fend for himself, likes quiet activities, etc...
I can't remember the exact wording, but I'm sure you get the idea.
Of course, I know what I've chosen for my avatar. But I confess I can't remember all the possible choices.

However, as I passed other adventurers, I asked myself, "What was that icon again?"
After asking a kindly pink "game master", I learned that there didn't seem to be any place where all these icons were listed and accessible.
So I'm putting my comment/reflection here on his suggestion!

Happy Adventure to all :)

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Full list, the possibility of obtaining (social quests), to show off to friends and not only, to fill up the PvP meter (to yourself and not only) :)

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There is this page on the wiki:

It would indeed be worth adding the new tags you can get when creating a character. If you remember any of them and have been able to make a screenshot, don't hesitate to post it on the wiki. This is a collaborative game, so we can all make a contribution ;)


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Labels are now displayed in the Titles & Tags page of the actions window (shit+e or e)

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Les libélés sont maintenant affichés dans la page Titres & Tags de la fenêtre actions (shit+e ou e)

Merci beaucoup !! Quelle rapidité !!
Je sais que ce n'était qu'un détail, mais vu le but des tags c'est sympa de pouvoir trouver facilement ce qu'ils signifient ^^

Bonne Aventure à Tous !

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La page citée par Azazor n'a rien à voir (il s'agit des tags PvP)

Là, il s'agit de ceux qu'on a lorsqu'on crée un nouvel avatar...

Par contre, je suis heureuse de découvrir que cette fenetre se nomme "action"! Le fait de ne pas connaitre son nom me rendait la création de page wiki difficile... (et je me demandais à quoi servait la sous section Tags....)


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