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Kamia'ata Tao Sian,

I have to tell you about a rather disturbing event that I think requires our attention. On my way to Fairhaven today, I found a fyros in the bar in the throes of paranoia. The homin was under the care of two of his friends, who were struggling to contain his frenzy. Covered in sweat, shaking and roaring at imaginary Matis, the homin was swimming in psychotic delirium.

The two homines who accompanied him and knew him well explained that, despite the rumors about this naturally violent specimen, he was no longer in a "normal" state. He himself was still lucid enough to feel his reason wavering dangerously. One of his two guardians took a blood sample and divided it in two so that I could send it to you, in the hope that your knowledge might shed some light on the situation. Following this, I took the liberty of taking him out of town and slapping him around a bit. From then on, his madness took over and he went from fists to guns. He no longer seemed to feel pain and his strength seemed limitless. The Kamis called me back to them, and when I saw him again, he was back to himself, but wracked with incomprehension at what had happened to him.

I've made enquiries, and the risk that this homin has deliberately intoxicated himself to achieve this result is quite low. I was told about his massage therapist who mysteriously disappeared and who is one of the few people who managed to calm him down (I preferred not to ask about her methods). I wonder if this homine could have pricked him with a needle and administered a substance during her so-called treatments. According to the two janitors, this homin has never needed drugs, being a natural paranoid who doesn't trust anyone. That's why I think we should question this Fyros massage therapist, but I'd rather leave it to her friends, given the nature of their common sap. Otherwise, the source of her torment could be poisoned shooki barrels, a previous case of which was reported to me some time ago.

Tao Sian, we might be tempted to leave this homin to his fate on the grounds that he doesn't belong to our race. However, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that the evil gnawing at the patriot was probably created in the jungle or forest. We need to find out who's making it and where, and I have a few theories on the subject which I'll share with you when we're alone. I'll join you as soon as possible to help you study this sample. I wanted you to have it as soon as possible, so that you can secure it.

Ochi Kami no.


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Tao-Sian watched in silence as the Awakened twirled the bud in the bowl. She seemed concentrated, but serenity would never be part of her. She had disavowed her Antekami past and all its violence. Would she ever be able to erase all traces of it? Tao-Sian hoped so, and often asked the Kamis to help her in this task.
For the time being, other concerns tormented the Dynastic Healer. She had analyzed this Fyros blood as soon as Nikuya had sent it to her. She knew that certain substances could disappear if you wait too long, and the letter from the Awakened had alerted her enough to want to know more.
What she had found had prompted her to ask Nikuya to carry out the analysis herself. Verification was essential.
Da'qi-zi's pearl was growing and she could see that the result would be the same. Nevertheless, she let Nikuya complete the ritual and weigh the two parts. The proportion was respected. The magic part was still good, but still nothing was going right.
"Your technique has improved again, Awakened. I'm very proud of you. Now, do you see anything wrong with the result?"
Nikuya took the time to carefully examine the pearl between her chopsticks.
"It's dark, darker than usual, but I don't know if that's abnormal or just a variation I've never encountered before.
- Take a look. Here's the pearl I got with the fresher sample. Yes, the pearl is noticeably darker overall. See these black streaks? It's not Evil. It doesn't cause these black streaks. No, it has to be this."
Tao-Sian held out a stanza in which rested a Da'qi-zi pearl, the darkest Nikuya had ever seen.
"Black sap."
The sentence fell from Tao-Sian's lips like a cleaver, leaving Nikuya speechless.
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