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Mechanic is same as picking up new loot, +count (if exist) or create new item in inventory if not exist :)

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Not sure how that would work with the sale time. if it refreshes it defeats the purpose, if it doesn't refresh new items would be on the market for little time.


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I imagine this as simplification of current chain of actions: take existing lots into bag, put them up again.

When idea is implemented, quantity and timer are simply updated (up to base 5 days, as with new sale).

Perhaps "set existing" button with one click will come in handy so as not to click through everything in turn, but this is already optional :)

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not 100% sure i understand this one but i'll take a stab at this one too:

there is NO limit on how many things you have on sale at one time, there is a 7 day time limit for anything you put on sale to sell, or it's removed from the store.

if your wanting to sell 10 jewels with a single action, not sure that's a good idea at all, just wait till you foolishly sell something that's really good when you intended to sell some junk item. what you propose would cause more problems then it would solve since it's not a huge time sink to sell items (i've sold whole bags of grind crafted choice junk jewels in seconds, going thought the whole process using drag and drop and either hot key combo ('enter' alone sell to merchant, 'shift+enter' to sell to others iirc)

again, not 100% i understood this 'idea' and if i've gotten the premise wrong, please correct me with a better detailed statement of what your trying to suggest here and i'll read that and post a reply again.
i will engage you and your efforts here because i like seeing the forums used and it's nice to know that someone is at least reading and trying to discuss X, Y, and/or Z.



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Doch, es gibt eine Begrenzung wieviel Du verkaufen kannst. Und es gibt die 7 Tage pro Verkaufsgegenstand.


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there is no limit to the number of items on sale at the same time, there is a time limit of 7 days for everything you put on sale to be sold, otherwise it will be removed from the store.
It's relatively broad, but it does exist.
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