Remove jawings disarm?
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#1 [en]
Javings have ability to disarm their opponents

Disarm skill conflicts with mechanics of combat against other creatures.
For example, this is only case on Silan when I had to manually return weapon to my hand every (!) time after skill was applied by enemies. This knocks down prey, due to crazy single enemy who flew in from afar. Other creatures can hit as much as they want - with good armor, they can be ignored. Except for javelins. They are weak, but annoying with unnecessary disarmament skill.

Other solutions:

- Make jawings non-aggressive until players attack them. Then disarm can be left as special, ultimate ability.

- Change mechanics of disarming:
-- Automatically return last weapon to hand, after end of skill time. This removes unnecessary clicks and unnecessary annoyance for melee fighters in a fight with jawings.
-- Impose a temporary penalty equal to characteristics of weapon for duration of skill. This allows you not to waste time returning weapon to your hand after each operation and preserves original idea of ​​developers.
-- Add a temporary immunity mechanic to re-disarm for a character affected by this effect, so that a pack of jawings don't spam disarms, forcing you to run away from them, or fight with bare hands, which does not happen with other creatures.
-- etc.

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#2 [en] 

hated it when i first encountered a javing, but took me nearly no time to learn to avoid them, out run them (easy enough in silan)

and it's a pain, but that's the point, adapt and overcome adversity is exactly what the javing teach the young new homin.

wait till you run into mobs on the mainland with area of effect attacks, a javing won't be top on your list of pita mobs then.

the argument that "disarm skill conflicts with mechanics of combat against other creatures" is rather weak, ryzom is a LIVING world, mobs interact with each other, as well as the players toon. the fact that your fighting something in the area of javings and not dragging the XXXX mob that you want to fight away from potential aggro from javings.

they've been that way for nearly 20 years now, and everyone else adapted to this unique attack/skill.... no reason to remove or change it as it's very easy to avoid them, and there is NO reason to fight anything in the area of a javing spawn when you can hit something, run 50m away and then kill it easy enough without worry of the javing disarm.

just my two dappers on the topic, but honestly i wouldn't expect this to get any more attention beyond comments, none the less, keep posting ideas, good or bad it's nice to see someone using the forums :)


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#3 [en] 

kek, no

#4 Multilingual 

et ba qu'est ce que ça va etre avec les yelk quand il va mourrir par leur nuage toxique ....

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#5 [fr] 

and what's it going to be like with the yelks when they die from their toxic cloud ....
someone tell him, for jugula, or not? :D

#6 [en] 

Mais surtout, pas un mot à propos des gingos qui aveuglent, des kipees qui assomment... Oh j'oublie les vorax... Shhhut !!!

#7 [en] 

Most importantly, do not say a single word about Kidinaks signature secret ability in advance.

#8 [fr] 

in fact... it remains to weigh on the yubo behind the kamikaze of the Ranger camp... and it should happen as you wish ^^


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#9 [fr] 

mdr the Jugula valves etc.

but it's cool that he comes up with ideas


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