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Azazor has been going to the Pyr bath every week for several months now. Each time, he asks Xarosse to massage him. This homine has a trick to relax him. Of course, she uses a special oil, probably savaniel-based if the smell is anything to go by. But she's got another trick. Her strong hands that know how to knead his flesh bruised by the dragon's breath? Her art of pressing just the right spot to relax and invigorate him at the same time? Yes, he goes there not only to relax - he's becoming increasingly irritable at the moment - but also to recharge his batteries. As soon as he gets out of the baths, he feels stronger than ever. As if... yes, as if he could take down fyrak with his bare hands! And it's not just a feeling.
Last time at the bar, he effortlessly smashed Naveruss's head, fighting naked with only his hatchet and shield, as recommended by marauder Krapoutos. Another time, he smeared the lumper Bakus with his bare hands in the simplest of fashion.

But this strength doesn't last. It gives way, more and more rapidly, to a state of extreme nervousness. It has to be said that life in the Empire doesn't help one stay calm. Of course, there's Naveruss's betrayal of the matis, who, he'd stake his life on it, seem to him to be more and more present within the Empire. There's also Ulymorus, who prefers to go it alone with his guild rather than become a legionnaire, Lyren, who's procrastinating, and Wixarika, who's absent (unless she too is in league with the matis like Naveruss).

And then there are the courses at the Imperial Academy with the great masters, as promised by Chancellor Euphanix ApothepsBut in the end, they weren't as exciting as he'd expected. Above all, he hates those haughty looks from the other students and teachers whenever something a little complex is explained. As if he, Azazor, the only fyros to have rediscovered Coriolis in generations, couldn't understand. He hates them. He hates them all! But he keeps his resentment in check. When he leaves the Academy, he takes it out on the kinchers in the burnt corridor, sometimes with his bare hands, sometimes with a pike. Often without armor. To feel the blows on his flesh. Eventually, he'll be crushed into nothing.

Fortunately, there's Uzykos. Along with Xarosse's massages, it's the only thing that manages to ease his suffering and calm his anger. His son is also studying at the Imperial Academy. Unlike him, he was lucky enough to enter as a child. In him flows the pure blood of the fyros. His mother is pure-blooded too. Her red hair speaks for itself. Uzykos will be a great fyros. Perhaps he'll end up Emperor? Someone who will restore the Empire's pride, away from all the parasites who are driving the Empire deeper into decadence every day.

HRP: Azazor's condition is the result of Canillia's poisoning with a derivative of black sap.
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It's been several weeks since he last saw Xarosse at the Pyr baths. As a result, he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yet, by sheer force of will, he still manages to put on a brave face in front of the others. More or less.

Lyren had noticed lately that something was wrong with him. She felt him tense. And it's true that it's hard to keep from sweating at the drop of a hat. When he feels like he's going to explode, he runs down the scorched corridor to beat up anything that moves. Kitins, cuttler, frahar, as long as it has a response. The use of fury in combat causes him to lose energy, but his blows are more powerful. And when he takes on several enemies at once, after a good battle cry, his strength becomes devastating. But often afterwards, he collapses from exhaustion. That's when the hallucinations start. Matis surround him, their faces threatening and their smiles taunting. So he gets to his feet and swings his axe at the shadows, which vanish into thin air. The matis... More and more of them. Behind the bar counter, coming out of the barracks or his home, in the alleys of Pyr. Everywhere, they're everywhere! Of course, he knows that most of them are just hallucinations. But there's more to it than that. His instincts are never wrong. He knows they're there in spite of everything, somehow. But in the street, he avoids showing it. In front of others, he still tries to remain in control of himself. Willpower, nothing but willpower. With willpower, you can break through cliffs.

Yet earlier, at the children's market, he broke down in front of the others. Practically. As much as he could, he tried to control himself, so as not to spoil the party. Building a fire, cooking meat for the others, joking - all things to keep his mind occupied. But in the end, he burst. Before it went too far, he went off to slaughter some cloppers, naked and with his bare hands, but it wasn't enough. So he pulled out a teleporting bead, something he'd hardly ever done since his return from the Old Lands. This was his last resort: teleportation. The pain he felt, those burns from within, that feeling of decomposition... although the pain was brief, it was so intense that on arrival, he fell almost unconscious. This allowed him to relax for a while.

Suffering, always suffering, because that damned Xarosse isn't there to massage him. Because he's in withdrawal. Lyren asked him if he didn't take drugs. Can massages be considered drugs? Or is it the oil used? What if.... What if he was unknowingly drugged? No, that's impossible. He would have known. He would have known.

He had to hold out. Until Xarosse returns. Don't spit. Isolate himself if necessary. But he hopes the masseuse will be back before the next akenak meeting. We'll have to talk about the water route again. He'd like to do it under the best possible conditions, and not on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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A few scattered parchments on Azazor's desk, hastily scribbled in hesitant, blurred, crossed-out handwriting...

With lake friends and Ulymorus, we slaughtered some gibbais. Dangerous behavior for others. I rushed in without thinking. Gone before it got too dramatic. Teleportation destroyed me in pain, but I felt a bit better afterwards.
I met Eeri. She took my blood. She's also leaning towards poison. There was a Zorai girl, Nikuya, whose presence I couldn't stand, as if she were a threat. She gave me a slap and I exploded into a black hole. I awoke from my destructive fury sitting on the beach, Nikuya and Lyren sprawled on the ground and Eeri trying to calm me down. I teleported, and once again, the pain of teleportation gave me a few clear ideas.
Pyr baths
Baeline, from the Alkianes, was there. She said she had poisoned the baths. She was a matis, but with a fyros face, or the other way around, I don't remember. There were some behind the walls too, I could feel it. The oppression, the feeling of being surrounded. Then a fyros, Firal, arrived. When he tried to throw the matis out, it stung him and he was immobilized. Xarosse was there too. She massaged me. It relaxed me. But it didn't restore my energy. I was a wreck. I remember crawling in fear before the matis who surrounded me. It was the arrival of my masseuse that calmed me down. Just a little. After the massage, I teleported again. By the time I reached Thesos, I had no energy. Even the pain wasn't enough to wake me up this time. So I crawled back to my apartments. I can still see homins trying to help me, I can still see myself insulting them, shouting at them to stay away from me. There were matis among them. Lots of matis. What's true about all this?
Canillia, I remember thinking of Canillia at the baths. Poison specialist at Alkiane. And I took Be'Lauren from her. There's motive. There's skill. And she's a matis. She must have poisoned me. But with what? With what? I refused her tin of oil in Fairheaven ages ago, shortly after my return from the Old Lands. So how did she do it?
Why don't massages give me back my energy? Is the poison too strong? Am I that desperate? Eeri, I'm waiting for your help. Once again, I need your help!
The fyros, Firal, advised me to go and spend some time in the desert. A good idea. Food, shooki, I find myself a dune in the shade of an olash and don't move for a week. Away from the others, I'll be safe. Just long enough for Eeri to find a solution.

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His first thought was of the High Towers, on the edge of the cliff, just opposite the Fyros camp. But as he loaded his mektoub with all the equipment for several weeks of isolation, he thought of the last time he'd isolated himself like this, far from the world. The barkquake of 2608. He had camped night and day at the epicenter, until his voices urged him to jump into a rift in search of fyrak. Even if it wasn't the desert, it was the ideal place to rest. It was winter. The cold nights would be harsh. But maybe that would appease the rage inside him.

Mounting his mektoub, he set off in the direction of the Couloir Brûlé. Then he'd take the Shadow Road to the Nexus. At the very top, he would await his deliverance. Death? Eeri? Kamis? No matter, if this was his destiny, suffering mattered little in the end. After all, only the immensity of his suffering could reconcile him with the infinitude of the world. And for this, the Hill of the End of Destiny was aptly named...

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It had to be him. He, this fyros with whom she had lived so much, with whom she felt inseparable, with whom she had shared the appalling experience of death, and the incredible experience of life.

You'd think he was doing it on purpose.

In front of him, she had shown nothing, neither fear nor panic. She had taken his blood, to analyze it, vaguely claiming she knew how. Nikuya had offered to take a sample to Zora and have it analyzed by the theocracy's scientists. But it was no use. She knew exactly what it was. There was no point in her wasting her time analyzing the fyros's blood, only to observe that something was wrong. She turned a page in her research notebook and noted:
Violence, Rage. Uncontrollable. Hallucinations.
but no loss of identity, no loss of memory?
-> Symptoms similar to the poison administered by the matisse.
- Symptoms of withdrawal? for several months?
-> Signs that the poison has been administered several times? probably in smaller doses, at regular intervals?
( Coincide with massages -> Xakosse - link with C?)

Gulatch oil
Sève Ardente,
Insect larvae,
Vorax bone - X
Ploderos eyes
Pure alcohol

It was far from being a miracle antidote, but it was the only one she was still able to do. When she'd been drugged, it had enabled her to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and her fits of madness. It wasn't going to be enough for Azazor, but it could help.
She snatched a few empty vials and a small jar containing crushed vorax bones, then set off. All ingredients apart from this one had to be of the highest quality and as fresh as possible; there weren't thirty-six places to get them quickly at this time of year.

Then she grumbled. Why was the Zoraï never there when he was needed? No doubt he would have agreed to help his old companion. She had to admit, reluctantly, that this time she hoped the theocracy's healer would react quickly.

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Sending this izam was a moderate risk. Sure, it could be intercepted... but prying eyes wouldn't learn anything important.
Courrier privé adressé à Erenkyl
Bankun Erenkyl,
A strange case has come to my attention: a legionnaire is behaving in a way that baffles his companions. According to a few informants interested in desert affairs, this evokes the symptoms of Black Sap.

I don't know if it's true; I don't get many opportunities to examine a Legionnaire. But if the rumors are true, I'd like to make sure we have the same information.

First of all, does it have anything to do with you and yours? Given the state of the Clan, it would surprise me if it were a new recruit. However, if it's something like that, if you're behind it or another official legatee... the information's enough for me, I wouldn't get involved. I know that you're officially no longer a marauder, but I also know that some things are never completely renounced, and you are to my knowledge the last heir with rights to the Black Sap.

If this legionnaire affair has nothing to do with you, I'd like to make it clear that I had nothing to do with it either, and to my knowledge the Black Circle has honored its commitment, selling neither the recipe nor the Black Sap itself to anyone who doesn't claim to be a member of the Clan.

However, Vao had been very talkative before disappearing again. It's still possible that someone clever has been experimenting. It's more than likely. Rumors on the subject have been circulating for a long time, so far without any visible impact. I'll leave it to you to decide whether this merits further investigation and follow-up, or whether it doesn't merit your attention.

You have my full support in this matter,

As for the second message, it made the zorai break out in a cold sweat. It was a risky bet. It had been a while since his sidekick had been heard from, and if something had happened to him... On the other hand, missing this opportunity would be frustrating for science. If he didn't get an answer within a week... he'd think again.

Message glissé dans un creux de l'écorce
Information to be confirmed, perhaps you have more on your side. What we've been working on for the past few years could find a concrete application. With so many organizations involved, it could also turn out to be quite explosive.
I'll be waiting for you at our usual rendezvous point, next Quinteth, if you'd like us to compare information and decide on a course of action.

#7 [fr] 

Erenkyl opened Mazeyum's izam, read it and threw it into the fire.
Izam envoyé a Mazeyum
I saw the Legionnaire in question at the Fairhaven children's market.
And if his behavior confuses his companions, there's one clue that hasn't escaped me.
At no time have I questioned your loyalty to our commitment or that of the Black Circle.
If you have this Izam, we'll meet at the usual place.
Thank you for your support.

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Eeri arrived breathless at the top of the hill. Just a few years earlier, coming this far would have been child's play, running straight ahead and avoiding the blows.
Now she had to be careful with every step, avoid predators and manage what little energy she had left. A few dozen meters further down, she had almost come face to face with a cuttler she hadn't seen. But luck was on her side, and the predator turned his back just as he could have seen her. But in the end, there she was. The top of the hill at the end of destiny, where she was pretty sure she'd find her old companion.

A few hours earlier, she had stopped off at the Fairhaven bar. Was there any other place like it, on the bark, where literally every sound, every rumor, was in transit? She sat down for a break and a fresh byrh. Her potions were ready, but she hadn't been able to find the fyros. She had to ask her band of Drakans for a hand. These specialists in the art of leaving their ears everywhere would not refuse to help her find the fyros. Bellandrha quickly told him that she had spoken to a certain Firal, who had told her he was looking for Eeri. Then collective memory recalled Azazor's attraction to this part of the Nexus, where he had camped for weeks before disappearing.

Then this letter. This curious Tryker, O'Tall, paid to hand her a hastily written rag. A list of ingredients and a letter in which "a friend of the heroes of the road to Oflovak" declared herself innocent, and said she didn't understand a word of the list she'd obtained. At the same time, she implied that it was the antidote that could save the fyros, to "remove the spiders that are eating his brains".

It was too much, and on the face of it, nothing Eeri could trust.

But when she reached the top of the hill, instead of looking for the fyros, Eeri took the letter out of her bag, and looked through the list of ingredients. Next, alchemist's formulas. Eeri's grounding in this field, although she had studied the subject years before, didn't allow her to understand everything, but she could at least detect that these were serious formulas, put there by an expert hand.

Who else but the person responsible for the poisoning would be able to provide an antidote? Eeri had learned this years earlier, when she had bought a poison and paid for her imprudence.

For a moment, she was tempted to let the rag fly away, let it slip from her hand and watch it disappear with the Nexus wind. But a silhouette, a little further away, was watching her. The fyros was there, waiting for her.

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#9 [fr] 

When she approached him, he didn't see her at first. He was busy eating what looked like a cuttlery leg cooked with skin. A flash of memory came back to him from the trip to Oflovak, when she had rescued him from a band of cuttlers at the top of the Great Ridge. She had shown him how to cook the beast. Once again, she'd come to save him. Or at least, to prolong his life. For the remedy she was bringing him would only give him respite, before madness took him back.

- Aza, mon gros," hailed the fyrette as she arrived in front of him.

The fyros stared at her without stopping to eat.

- So, how are you feeling today," she inquired as she sat down opposite the fyros.

He was in his underpants, his body covered in sawdust, dried blood and soot. This grime made his scars and burns stand out all the more, highlighting them. It was as if he were wearing some kind of fantastic armor made of hominin flesh. Yet beneath the dirt, he was naked, except for the briefs he still had the modesty to keep on. The fyros didn't let go of his cuttler's paw but replied:

- When eaten well-cooked, cuttlery gives you strength! Have a look!

As he did so, he twirled his paw in the air, mimicking an axe, and dropped it heavily into the fire, throwing embers around. Then, with a flick of his teeth, he tore off a new piece of meat without taking care to clear it of ashes.

- I can see that," said the fyrette, attempting an awkward smile.

She was afraid. Not for her life, but for her friend's sanity. He seemed to be walking on the edge of the abyss.

- Lyren told me she'll be going back to the Fyros Legions soon," said the fyrette to lighten the mood.

The fyros's gaze twisted in an instant and darkened.

- What do you want," muttered the fyros, looking at her angrily.

The fyrette swallowed but tried not to let on. She had to hold out for him.

- Um... I brought you something to perk you up. It's not a cure yet. But it should fix you up for a while.

She took a vial out of her bag and handed it to the fyros.

- I also know that Tao Sian is working on a cure. It's Nikuya, you know, the zoraï who...

Not letting her finish, the fyros leapt to his feet and shouted:

- The Zoraïs are traitors! They get their technology from the Karavan! They manipulate us!

The fyrette remained impassive as much as possible. She had to calm him down long enough to get him to drink her potion. Then, if it worked - and it would - everything would be back to normal.

- Azazor! I made this potion myself. It's pure fyros. No other homin race has touched it, believe me.

The fyros seemed to calm down and sat down again, without letting go of his cuttler's paw, into which he bit down even harder.

- Come on, drink it down. It's not very good, but afterwards I have a little something to wash it down with.

She took a vial of essence of ocyx from her pocket and took a sip, as much to reassure the fyros as to reassure herself. The fyros took the vial and uncorked it. With an inquiring look, he asked:

- What's it based on?
- Mektoub urine," she laughed. What do you care? Just drink it.

The fyros grumbled as usual, which was a good sign. Then he gulped down the entire vial with a look of disgust on his face. It must be said that this remedy was not meant to be good.

- Now leave me alone," he grumbled, "and leave the vial of oxyx too.

The fyrette nodded and stood up. The fyros continued to devour her cuttler's paw hungrily. As a former legionnaire, she knew that the rumor that legionnaires ate Matis babies was unfounded. Yet, as Azazor bit into the cuttler's shin to the point of cracking, she couldn't help thinking that there might be some truth to it. She didn't ask for more and left without a backward glance.


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#10 [fr] 

Journal d’Azazor

It's been a few days since I took the first Tao-Sian potion Nikuya gave me. Apart from the initial urge to vomit, I've had no particular side effects. I feel great, my mind is more or less at peace. I was even able to ensure Lyren's integration into the Legions right away, under the watchful eye of his mother. Nevertheless, I feel I could slip back into my paranoid state at any moment. There's usually a second potion, according to Eeri. I've written a message of thanks to Tao-Sian. And to think that in my madness, even she didn't trust me anymore. Fortunately, my faith in Eeri remained intact. But for how long if I hadn't been cured?
Journal d’Azazor
Yesterday, I met Canillia at Pecus. She spontaneously confessed that she had gone too far. She had prepared a remedy which she left on the floor before leaving. I asked the guards to burn it. Not that I don't think it's really a remedy, but not only do I no longer need it, I don't want anyone to know that Canillia knows the cure for black sap. I wouldn't want to advertise it to her!

Of course, I know why she came to see me in the first place. She denies it, but I know she's doing it because she's scared. She's probably hoping I'll be merciful? I assure you, Canillia, vengeance is no longer something I condone. But I do like to educate, inculcate I'd say, certain important things in other homins, even if they're Matis. Especially since, thanks to this black sap poisoning, I've found the courage (or madness) to abandon the kami's followers. I'm finally free of the Powers. So now it's my turn to help you. To show you what it's like to live without the Karavan. But I'll let you think about it first. Sometimes it takes a long time to find out...

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