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Content Patch 962-965 (2023-07-13)

Patch 965

  • Fixed libopenal name in linux build

Patch 964

  • Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented a return to normal speed when exiting the water with "Flynn's fast swim".
  • Fixed bug that grayed out all guild options for Leaders and Officers

Patch 962


In addition to generic colored materials and 3* Archoleths, the Happy Hunt and Joyful Harvest allegories now also allow you to obtain 4* Archoleths (albeit more rarely).

Archoleths can be exchanged with the Collector, who will give according to what he has in stock (randomly, that is):

for 3* Archoleths, rewards (excluding armor) earned with the Wheel's excellent tokens, as well as, very rarely, the Muse skirt (skins 1, 2 and 3) and Rizyin weapons;

for 4* Archoleths, rewards earned with superior Wheel tokens, as well as, rarely, Rizyin weapons and the Muse skirt (skins 1, 2 and 3)

What's more, the equipment given in exchange for 4* Archoleths will always be of Archoleth quality, i.e. between 50 and 250.

Funtasy Islands

A test island called A LONE ISLAND is now available to all daring ones. It can be accessed from the Scenographic Editor terminals (called now Funtasy Islands) by clicking on the first link:

As this is a beta-test island for upcoming content, some bugs may appear.

The first test is a boss named "Sweet Cutie", level 1 to 30. Once defeated at a given level, its next-level version unlocks. However, you'll have to wait 20 hours before you can face it again.

Finally, it gives basic tokens and a 3* or 4* Archoleth, depending on the chest chosen.


All plushies in raw wood version are now available and functional

We remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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