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The Karae turned to her secretary.
"Please forward these invitations to all subjects who had expressed a desire to perfect their skills in the study of Mateis.
The responses should be collated and forwarded to Ser Vauban."
The secretary bowed and was about to withdraw when the Karaedin stepped forward.
"Karae, couldn't we also put up some posters? Some of our subjects may have been detained away during your court. Even residents of the Majestic Garden who are not subjects or foreigners may wish to learn our language."
"I well acknowledge here your open-mindedness and benevolence, Karaedin… Please be diligent, Ser Vendi!"
The Karae was careful not to add that the Karan Stevano would have seen this proposal only as a proof of weakness. Perhaps the Karin Aniro would be more sympathetic to this than his father.
Nobles, Subjects, Residents of the Majestic Garden, Friends of the Kingdom

At my request, made during the Court recently held in our capital, a linguist of the Alkiane Order has offered to organize a course in Mateis.
The first lesson of this course, open to all lovers of our language, will be given by Ser Vauban in our Great Greenhouse as soon as we have a better idea of the expected attendance.
This is why you are invited to inform us of the dates after 21h - Holeth, Frutor 12, 3rd AC 2622(*) that would allow you to benefit from it.
Tamiela Fera, Fillia di Torani

(*)March 06, 2023 to give time to get organized.
Post your proposed dates in response to this post.
The selected dates will then be communicated to you in this thread and will be visible on the calendar.

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Je n'ai peut être pas compris. Il n'y a pas de cours le 6 mars, on propose juste nos dates préférentielles? Si oui, un nuudel ( serait peut être plus pratique?

En attendant, Be Lauren est disponible à n'importe quelles dates sauf les samedi soir (pour l'instant). Et si faut des préférences, c'est plutôt les vendredi soir. Et à condition que son horrible maitresse l'autorise à sortir de sa chambre de bonne à Yrkanis.


Servante en formation chez les matis d'Ore Altae et espionne pour le compte d'un fyros grincheux.

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De préférence lundi, jeudi ou vendredi pour moi. Sans garantie les autres jours : je viendrai si je le peux car l'event m'intéresse.

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Je suis présente sur le jeu les lundi mais je peux m'arranger pour être là les mardi jeudi.
Vivement le cours que je me sente moins bête ![/HRP]

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Liosta Frerini
Dame de Compagnie de la Karae Tamiela

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En Tant que Nindën du Filira Ordre Alkiane:
Je serais présente.

Si toutefois celle-ci lui en faisait la demande.
"l'horrible" Sanena de l'ignorante Velenae Nityaenae pourrait autoriser son Howemenae à l’accompagner.

Filirae Canillia Altae Di Sylengi
Nindën Di Filira Alkiane
Protecteur du Royaume E Bénie de la Mère

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Spring would soon be here. What better way to start this promising new year of Jena than to have our Mateis language sung together?
The Karaedin, Nirni di Varello, would eagerly await this 14 Germinally.
Nobles, Subjects, Residents of the Majestic Garden, Friends of the Kingdom

The first Mateis class will be taught by Ser Vauban, linguist of the Alkiane Order, at 1h - Dua, Winderly 2, 1st AC 2623(*).
We look forward to seeing you in large numbers in our Great Greenhouse.

Tamiela Fera, Fillia di Torani
Nirni di Varello

(*) Friday, 31 March 2023 19:00:00 UTC (11 months ago)
This first class will begin with a presentation (or reminder) of the basics. Depending on the level of the participants, more complex notions may then be addressed.

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Yes. I wish to sharpen my Mother Tongue. I appreciate the opportunity. I await the announcement of the decided date and time.
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