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Creator of the event: Event Team.
Type of event: PvE fight.
Appropriate levels: All. The lower levels may need to join a team.

Date of the event: Saturday, 25 February 2023 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Sap Slaves Camp, Grove of Confusion, Verdant Heights.

Homins concerned: Matis Nobles, Matis Vassals and friends of the Kingdom.
Synopsis: There is even more confusion in the Grove of Confusion. The Sap Slaves ask for help from the Nobles and the Matis Subjects.

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Beero Antozzo, leader of the Sap Slaves, stood quite straight up in front of Aniro Karin. Although slightly surprised to have been put directly in the presence of the Karin, his Matis pride had quickly returned and he was explaining the situation with as much precision as a rather confused situation would allow.
"One of our patrols began by noting an unusual stir among the fauna north of the Westgrove Stronghold. The wild beasts seemed to have multiplied."
The Karin nodded, inviting him to continue.
"But the most surprising report came to me from the eastern patrol. On the outskirts of the Ranger camp set up at the entrance to the tunnel leading to Silan, they observed several usually peaceful yelks behaving strangely."
Beero Antozzo fell silent to catch his breath... a little too long, so showing his turmoil inside.
"The patrollers have told me that they have seen these yelks moving around unmolested in a herd of jugulas and behaving like the most dangerous of these beasts. I have full confidence in the members of my tribe. They would not tell nonsense."
Beero Antozzo looked at the Karin.
"You did well to come and inform me promptly. I will drum up our Nobles and Subjects at once. Their troop will join you in your camp at the Grove of Confusion as early as the 24th of Folially(*). You will then set out together with the mission of finding the causes of this worrying phenomenon."

(*) Saturday, 25 February 2023 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago)

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(OOC: Also posted in "Roleplay")

Re. research into uncommon, irrational, and dangerous behaviour of herbivores and initelligent plants in the Grove of Confusion.

Abstract: The recent attacks on travellers and merchants by usually harmless flora and fauna in a part of the Grove of Confusion initiated an expedition into the region to uncover the cause, which in turn led to the finding of a Karavan artifact.

Recently, the unusual and aggressive behaviour or yelks and other placid animals and even slaveni north of Westgrove Stronghold had Beero Antozzo, the leader of the Sap Slaves in the Grove of Confusion giving a report and searching help in the Royal Palace. Merchants and travellers were attacked by them in that part of our Kingdom, which, at the best of times, isn't a place you'd take your loved ones for a quiet and peaceful walk. Our Royal Highness, alarmed by the report, promised help. He set up an expedition to the camp of the Sap Slaves, from which on the Royal Hunter, Ser Tinanio Stado, joined the group. Beero Antozzo had reasonably little knowledge to share. The reports stemmed from the north of the Grove, probably near the entrance to the tunnel leading to Silan, but he didn't have enough soldiers to explore or traverse the maze. So it was pretty clear that this was a main obstacle the expeditioneers had to face.

And indeed, the expeditioneers soon faced adversity, if only the kind which was expected, namely cuttlers and jugulas. At the rangers camp near Westgrove, Bini Zhui-Hio of the rangers had little to add to what the expeditioneers already heard, but sent them up further north. So the group continued its journey, passing the rare sight of a Kipesta nest (not without a fight), but finding nothing unusual. The author, after entering Highgrove, raised the question of what might be responsible for herbivores running amuk and suggested some kind of signal or sound. But the expeditioneers, and Tinanio Stado, heard nothing, and at that point everything seemed to be more of a tall tale, not least since not much more "north" could be reached from here, and every agressive animal encountered yet was a carnivore – of which there are plenty there.

Alas, as if waiting for the right dramatic moment, the expedition was suddenly attacked by unusually strong slaveni, which they overpowered. But the next encounters were, again, more of the usual kind - a kincher patrol (which put the expedition almost in real peril), the Madding Maids, and more cuttlers. Just when the group left Highgrove, it suddenly was attacked by first mad yelks and then crazy aranas, and by then it became clear that there indeed is a mystery to solve and a reason to detect.

At Eastgrove Stronghold, the group met a hawker, who complained about the maddened animals further east. He also mentioned that, when going there, he's getting a headache after a while - which was the first real indication of indeed something preying on the minds of the fauna.

So the expedition went east back into the maze, trying to explore each corner there while fighting many ocyx, until it discovered a madakam, who, like some of the other herbivores on the way, attacked it at sight. After the madakam was struck down, Tinanio Stado with his sharp eyes spotted something in the corner the madakam obtained; a strange object, rectangular, upright, rather flat. A slight, sizzling sound was audible. By close view, the object – which seemed to be very old - showed the sign of the Karavan.

It was decided to take this artifact, with all care, back to Yrkanis. Tinanio Stado did put it carefully in his bag - after all, it was him who was ordered by the Karin to take care of the expedition - but I offered to take it over if he feels any effect; after all, the artifact seemed to have been responsible for the irrational behaviour of flora and fauna. I then kept the Royal Hunter under close observation while he was carrying the artifact. He claimed that he has the feeling someone is playing the lute on his spine. I also observed that he was constantly gnashing his teeth, which probably implies that the artifact tried to influence his mind, as it did with the animals and plants.

The expedition fought its back to the Sap Slavers camp for a report, meeting, though, no further unusually behaving animals but just the regular carnivore fauna. There the Karavan Ambassador did spot the artifact, took a close view and informed us that he has to confiscate it. In a kind of cross-examination from the expeditioneers, he told the expedition that this is an ancient Karavan item which was corrupted. He said that it moved its way up to the surface of Atys from the deep of the roots. When I asked him how it came to be in the depths, forbidden to explore, in the first place, he could give no answers and only muttered that it "fell down". He also said that he could not give us more information. When pressed, he did say, though, that he will report to the Karan.

As Tinanio Stado followed the orders of the Karin and therefore had all responsibility – and authority – regarding the artifact, I felt not empowered to claim the finding for further study in the Academy under secure conditions. The artifact, as it is, now rests with the Karavan.

I would like to suggest to the Academy to await the report of the Karavan. I would also like to suggest a medical examination of Ser Tinanio Stado to make sure he’ll not suffer any late effects.


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis
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