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Creator of the event: Xakisse and not Heernis.
Type of event: Roleplay and harvesting.
Appropriate Levels: All.

Date of the event: Sunday, 26 February 18:30:00 UTC (9 months ago).
Expected duration: 3 hours.
Meeting Place: Small island in the "Resting Water" region of Aeden Aqueous.

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Pickaxe party, drunk and lit, ending with an explosion.

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Multilingual | Deutsch | [English] | Español | Français | Русский
Hello homins and hominas from all over Atys!
An invitation to ALL who want to blast the "secret" beach party of Heernis.
I'll be brief:
1. bring alcohol and fireworks! The more the better!
2. we will really annoy the Kamis. Therefore bring picks to loot material!
3. there should be healers in case someone faints.
4. a water barrel for water bombs will be provided!
5. put on bathing suits!
6. bring your pack animals and let them swim in the water!
7. bring lots of fun!
Meeting place: The small island in the "Resting Water" region of Aeden Aqueous.
Date: 5h - Dua, Floris 2, 3rd AC 2622(*).
Make the party go wild!

PS: Since the stubborn hermit who calls himself my husband won't be around, here's his last letter from him. Isn't that romantic? I think I'm falling in love all over again. *necky giggle*

(*) [OOC] On Sunday, 26 February 18:30:00 UTC (9 months ago)
Secret letter
Hello Xakisse,
How dare you, you decaying clopper swill! I've had enough of your spur of the moment solo runs. "The more the merrier." Are you out of your mind? What don't you understand about "secret and private"?
Let brains rain from heaven, especially for you!
You're trying to hurt me now by spreading nasty rumors! Yes, I have been away from home for half a decade and lived as a hermit, but you can't blame me for that, can you? Whoever is married to you needs nerves of hardened bark. A stubborn mektoub is nothing compared to you.
Very well. What are we going to do about all this? I'm not going to let you take away my beach party just because all of Atys is invited now. I can only shake my head at that. I'll spell it out for you again: A-L-L A-T-Y-S.
I'll leave the organizing to you then, you shriveled-up kitin queen.
Everyone has to bring a keg of alcohol, it's part of etiquette. It's a beach party. Anyone who doesn't come here in a bathing suit, or God forbid, someone comes in full armor, I'm so kicking him out! He's going to count fish! The party has to end with an explosion, fireworks and drunk homins! So now you instruct everyone to bring a pickaxe, as well as fireworks. We'll loot all the materials, get the Kamis really fired up and celebrate the moment of the explosion with a drunkenness like no other!
So, what to do with all the materials now? Exactly, everyone has to bring his packers, as many as everyone can! In the water they are protected from explosions anyway. The materials are then put up for sale in Fairhaven. This is good for business, but also good for newbies. They can burn the stuff for practice.
So, you started this rumor, and now you get to take the fall for it.
For the record:
1. alcohol, 1 keg each, fireworks are strongly encouraged.
2. everyone comes in a bathing suit.
3. hoes are obligatory, who does not dig, heals (because of gas and explosion)
4. everyone has to bring as much pack animals as you can spare.
5. the collected materials are put up for sale without any ifs and buts!
Do you think you can do it? As a high officer of Die kleinen Handwerker (The Little Artisans) guild, I sure as hell hope so! So get to work!

PS: Woe to you if you mention that those were my orders, my reputation as a Ranger would be in tatters. Burn the letter after you read it. I will watch the spectacle from a safe distance.
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