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Make Ryzom Fast Paced/ Feel New, to attract new players




WELL RESTED BUFF: After being offline for 24 hours, you get exp boost (x2) and it stacks with Catalyzers, you need to log out in a bar, apartment, tribe camp,  guild hall or guild island (remember guild islands? xD).


Yes I know there is already x3 Catz, some of you will say “it’s not the spirit of ryzom” “leveling is already to fast/easy” for you veteran players yes, but not for the newcomers, most of the fun/content are in the endgame anyway, and some of you will not loudly say “I suffered the slow leveling process, so should the others”


CAMPFIRE BUFF: being around a campfire boost your regen even further (need to sit)


Weekend Global Catalizer buffs: Self explanatory (can be named “Inspiration”, “Eureka” etc.)

This will give Inspiration for homins to do some grinding and even team up with others since the expected result will there will be a lot of homins grinding in the same spot.


No more exp penalty for teams, or at least, reduce it.

This will encourage players to team up with other players more, of course it is not perfect since they can just continue with leveling with their alts, but it will have an affect (a good one) for those who don’t play with alts.


CHENG rework idea

Maga is the “strongest” Amp, maybe a rework on Cheng will shake things up.


Cheng will proc/shoot out another spell, the casted spell will still costs hp/sp but the proc will not

Or you can make an amp that is dropped from boss, or crafting plans to craft it, effect is still the same as my explanation at the top.





OLD: Drain spell portion of this stanza is CHANNELING

New: Missile applies the Drain spell effects without channeling (duration of X seconds and refreshed when hit with another missile) 


EFFECTS of drain spells


Applies negative armor for 3 seconds



(%) slow movement speed for 1 sec



Additional damage on plants, like 20% more effective

Reduces the effectiveness of healing by 30% (5 seconds)


Racial spells are more effective if the homin’s race specializes in it. (Fyros = fire etc.)



adds burn effect dealing damage overtime that lasts (2 seconds)



Poison.. (2 seconds)


*for fire and poison, they both do damage overtime, it all comes down to what type of damage they are doing, so resistance will still play a part*



Lowers magic resistance (2 seconds)



Slows attack speed (1 sec)




New Items/Skills:


An Item or a skill that can be leveled or obtain, sets traps in the ground, can only plant 3 traps, not on top of each other of course, if it’s a skill there can be a lot of combination stanzas, from drain spells, stuns, roots, madness, slow, sleep, fear, to double missile bomb nukes.

And oh, this is AOE by default. Radius can be the same as the Raw Material Explosion radius.



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