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Good day to everyone, especially dear Ryzom developers!
I really like the idea of the game, there is a place to make it even better and more beautiful.
There are three points in the game that I would like to fix:

The first is the simplest, to increase the maximum "visibility into the distance" and "visibility near".
I conducted a number of experiments and the best and most comfortable for me turned out to be:
LandscapeTileNear = 300
Vision = 1200
With such settings, the display goes more smoothly minimizing the appearance of "landscape islands" when the landscape is loaded in square pieces in the distance.

standart moded

The second question to the NPCs and characters, the character's hands look as usual close up, but if you move the camera a little further away, the hands turn into "paddles", the hands of others (who are always further away) also look like "paddles" and the graphics settings did not give me anything.

And the third question concerns the display of spells at a distance. If the enemy is from me to 42 meters, then all the spells that the enemy inflicts are visible, but it is worth moving a little further away as the spells become "invisible". At the same time, I continue to see the damage done to me and the symbol "enveloping with roots" (although the roots themselves are not visible).

Thanks in advance =)

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