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Hello All, i always wondered why Mastering skills its not rewarding in most times, yes u can shoot with ele, heal friends, and tank mobs but, after all when you get that skills-its nothing more,and u can lvl that basic skills pretty fast. At the end of day we all have the same, characters.

Game always be designet players have same characters, i leave game few times and back and i tell you thats will be fun if some Masters SKill give u some bonuses,
same way like making Rites quests give u bonuses? yes!

Developers probably always scared to not ruin balance in game?

player 1 dont do rites
player 2 have rites done, and his character is slightly better

we should follow this pattern, and add more bonuses

It always makes me sad when i saw xx years characters and thay are same weak as mine at some point :D

I wanna see differences! i wanna see 200x master skills character with 6k all statistics, with 120% speed or faster cast. atack.

Master with Ele magic (boom u can get +100 sap bonus pasive from rywards,

Master Fighter (HP bonuses, speed, atack, choose whatever you image)

Master Harvester, every land (+100 pasive focus for each)

Master Crafter (no idea)

or every master skill give you 1%boost with all stats in character..

anything, old players will be happy, new ones will have long term motivation to be better and also it will not hard to put in game, rites exist and give bonuses, rywards exist.

cheers, is somone knows better english and know what im talking about, please rewrite it ^^, my english is a mess

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Write in your native language to start with, it will be easier to translate you:)

Then I don't think that all players are the same character.

The equipment plays a lot in the difference between characters and the brick creations also make a whole other difference.

You can have the same max skill as another player but not the same way to play it nor the same equipment and bricks.

Then I find normal that there is no exclusivity. it's the best thing in Ryzom. it's that everybody can have the same thing and so the same chances.

to change this would create too much unnecessary tension.

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I've been playing since 2005, I have all the masters in the field of combat system and I am maximally against such mechanics. It corrupts everything Ryzom stands for. A master is a master. If I use a masterful skill, I get masterful results. This simple law should continue to be respected and not be changed by artificialities. Anyone who thinks it's pointless to make another master hasn't understood the game yet and still has a lot to learn.
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