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Inspired by the Forum Post "How did you come to know about Ryzom" by Fishgod

There's a saying in Uni that "you really never quit ryzom, you just take breaks"

For me it's... Stockholm Syndrome xD

Kiddin' asside, it's the community really, and by that I mean friends I made in the bark, who I played with outside of ryzom too in different games (Valorant, GW2 etc) enemies along the way, the emotions I felt at the heat of the moment, if you just take a step-back and take a break you get to think and say to yourself "damn I missed those times let me check in them again" and I didn't even play Ryzom at it's peak, but the stories I've heard, the legends that Ari told me on my silan days (rip) my imagination went wild xD.

I said to myself, I also wanna make those stories, wether it be good or bad xD

This is the only game that made me feel emotions when I find out that the player behind that homin is no longer with us, I even miss those who I didn't get along with lol, specially those friends that told me "I'll see you guys soon" but never came back 'till this day, I know, life happens, it's good but it's still sad at the same time you know :)

so that's it for me, just wanted to share.



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This is my home! :D
I like other games, but this is the BEST!

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There is nothing else like it.


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