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The forums are very hard to read and participate, if you don't speak French. I ask every French and English-speaking person to look at this screenshot and think how inviting you would find to participate in roleplay:'s how the forum looks when you speak no Icelandic (sorry my friends from there). In reality it looks like that if you speak no French and to a lesser degree no English.Yes, one can click 'translate' on every single one - but would you do that, if you don't even understand the topic?

Suggested solution:

DeepL with Ryzom-local caching.The frequency and volume of new posts to the forum is (my guess) relatively low compared to what is spoken ingame (if you know actually better: please bring numbers). Thus one could send each forum posting to a one-time translation and store the results in the forum-DB. That saves bandwidth and translation costs. And it allows to deliver the automatic translations from the same source and at no additional complexity in the forums software. The forum translation service could employ an existing forum-posting-bot which would edit the postings (say a cronjob once a day) and insert the missing translations for where the posting does not provide a hand-made translation within the existing language tags.


You will have a forum which becomes as accessible as the ingame chats - thus MUCH better accessible. People from all kind of language backgrounds will feel much more at home and you can also draw role players with different language backgrounds to actually use them - or people seeking actively help when employed also outside the roleplay forums.

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As a french speaking, I can only say yes !
Let's have a translation for all these marvelous stories!
Let's everyone join our roleplayer delirium!
I don't know what is the best way, but please do something!


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Je suis bien d'accord. Ne lisant le forum qu'en français, et la plupart des textes RP étant en français, je n'ai jamais pris le temps de regarder dans une autre langue.

Une chose - pour ceux d'entre nous qui maîtrisent (plus ou moins) plusieurs langues : Laisser une possibilité de corriger les versions automatiquement traduites - on ne fera pas de la grande littérature, mais au moins on pourrait corriger les énormités.


I agree. Since I only read the forum in French, and most of the RP texts are in French, I never took the time to look at another language.

One thing - for those of us who master (more or less) several languages: Leave a possibility to correct automatically translated versions - we won't make great literature, but at least we could correct the huge mistakes.


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there was a time in the past (not sure when it changed i was away from ryzom for a some years) when there had been a change made to the forums that DID translate directly in the forums.

at some point it changed from direct in forum translation (you set your language, the forums used the translation software of google to translate on a per user viewing the content.)

at the very least there was a 'translate' option on every post, and if one wasn't in your native language because of a bad language tag on the post, you could just click the 'translate' link in the corner and it would refresh the post, there was also an option to translate an entire thread at one time.... but that's gone now too.

the forums went backwards in terms of translation and user friendly-ness when this DeepL translation site replaced google translate.

i'm sure there's lots of great content and ideas out there.


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Machine translation has been added to the IDEAS FOR RYZOM section. It's currently being tested.

There's nothing to do, just leave the Multilanguage box unchecked.
Translation is done with DEEPL, there is no language selection as with tags. [FR], [DE], ... you need to change the forum language at the top right with the flags :)



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With forum language chosen EN, that already works,for #5 post above (flagged FR), but not for #6 one (appearing unflagged). Did I miss something?

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With forum language chosen FR, that already works,for #5 post above (flagged FR), but not for #6 one (appearing unflagged). Did I miss something?

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The subforum was not auto-translated :) corrected !

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The subforum was not auto-translated :) corrected !


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(text deleted by author)Sorry, misinterpretation, hihi

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Is this now only activated for this subforum for ideas for Ryzom or for the whole forum with all its categories?


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For the moment, it's only active on certain sub-forums. An announcement will be made when it is applied to the whole forum, with an explanation of how it works.

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This Function needs to place an good visible indicator when text has been translated.

I wrote something in english, after posting it, i changed forums to german and read my translated text again. The Translation is horrible and german people may think that a stupid (AI) has written this. 

It's the same for IG Translations. I have to check every single time what DeepL has made out of the original message.
Often the translated does not correspond to the original. Which can be funny for old-time players, but disturbing for newcomers.
(For me, i disabled it)

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I have a book here: learn french in 20 minutes.
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