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Creator of the event: Event team.
Type of event: Treasure hunt.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: Sunday, 15 January 2023 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Lydix Deps bar, Pyr, Burning Desert.

Homins concerned: Fyros patriots, Ambassadors, Empire friends.
Synopsis: Lydix Deps wants to make a magnificent necklace for the one who will be his perfect companion. He is sure, she's the one. He calls on the homins to help him in this crucial undertaking.

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Lydix Deps was sure, this was the one. He could spend the rest of his life with it. And it wasn't even a good vatful of shookie, but well and truly a homina.
Granted, he'd had his heart pounding before, more than fifteen times to be honest, but this was different. He was even willing to give up time and shookie for to offer her a sumptuous gift.
But this damned hawker had not yet delivered the amber he had ordered.
And soon his beloved would come and he would have nothing to offer her, just a good ritual bite!
He had to find someone to help him.
Maybe tonight (*), there would be some patriots of confidence in the bar who would agree to give him a hand.
In return for a round of drinks, of course, he was not an ingrate.

(*) Sunday, 15 January 2023 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago)

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