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Dear players,
This year we offer you the choice to install or not the Atysmas decorations. This choice is purely cosmetic. You will not have decorations in the cities or stables but you will be able to hunt for gifts and all the events of this Atysmas will remain accessible to you.
You will be able to choose, on each connection, to play with or without decorations.
To do so, you will have to connect either through a steam client, or through a version of Ryztart with the "beta-test" option enabled.

On Ryztart, the beta version will not have the decorations:

On Steam, the default stable branch will have the decorations and a new beta option (none_atysmas_deco) will be offered:

Please note that playing without decoration does not improve the performance of the game on your system.

Enjoy Atysmas, with or without decorations!
The Ryzom team
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