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Findings of the Karan's secret service
Nya Karan

As we suspected, Pebre di Ciosi turned out to be an unimportant member of the True Sap.
It seems that he acted out of opportunism.
The kidnapping of Filirae Aylia was not at all premeditated. Although he did not say so directly, we believe that he saw there a chance to harm Lady Chiabre. An old family feud.
And his departure to the Lakes tended to keep him away from your guards as well as from the True Sap, who must not have appreciated this interference in his plans to further his ideas.
The place where he was captured is an old weapons cache built up years ago.

If we listen to him, it was his idea to take advantage of the tensions created by the gift of Ore Altae to start a diplomatic incident by going around the cities shouting jinovist slogans.
In any event, that almost succeeded. But, Jena Aiye, the Trykers have been reasonable.

The information he gave us did not tell us anything. The names he gave us were those of homins we have been watching for years, hoping that they will lead us to higher-ups.
There must be very few members left of the "historical" True Sap, of which Gino di Bottiri was the leader. The dismantling undertaken at that time had been effective. The current movement seems to be made up of nostalgic people more inclined to introspection than action, and young torbaks who are , fiercely ambitious but disorganized, and more inclined to bite each other than to really threaten the security of the Kingdom. If there is a mastermind, we don't know it, and that's who we're looking for.

We now await your orders as to the fate of the individual himself.


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