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as many users, I have a discrete NVIDIA card, to use it for any software I have to pass proper environment variables, which I do so. In Steam it is:

Works in any game but not Ryzom, I also tried to unlink from Steam and use a simple bash script to pass these options to Ryzom launcher (also works in any game)

But it crashes badly, so I guess something is wrong on your side.

Please let me use my NVIDIA card because dual-GPU laptops usually have a rubbish Intel card and a nice discrete one.

See the listings below, core file available upon request:

[platyna@boadicea ryzom]$ __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia __VK_LAYER_NV_optimus=NVIDIA_only "/home/platyna/Programy/ryzom/ryztart"
Kyss version : 2.17 vs 2.17
App version : 2.16 vs 2.16
/home/platyna/Programy/ryzom/python/opt/python3.8/lib/python3.8/s ite-packages/blessed/ UserWarning: Failed to setupterm(kind='xterm-256color'): setupterm: could not find terminal
[Kyss:70] Starting Messages Event Displayer
[KyssTkProgress:31] Trying Tk...
[KyssTkProgress:40] Tk available
[Kyss:103] Init Module with app infos
[kyss_updater:268] Loading i18n (en) for module kyss_updater
[Kyss:154] -=== Update packages at /home/platyna/Programy/ryzom ===-
[kyss_updater:116] Local packages:
[kyss_updater:121] appdirs = 1.4.4
[kyss_updater:121] blessed = 1.19.1
[kyss_updater:121] build = 0.5.1
[kyss_updater:121] certifi = 2022.9.24
[kyss_updater:121] charset-normalizer = 2.1.1
[kyss_updater:121] chevron = 0.14.0
[kyss_updater:121] colorama = 0.4.5
[kyss_updater:121] humanize = 4.4.0
[kyss_updater:121] idna = 3.4
[kyss_updater:121] kyss = 2.15
[kyss_updater:121] packaging = 21.3
[kyss_updater:121] pep517 = 0.10.0
[kyss_updater:121] pillow = 9.2.0
[kyss_updater:121] pip = 22.3
[kyss_updater:121] proxy-tools = 0.1.0
[kyss_updater:121] psutil = 5.9.3
[kyss_updater:121] pyparsing = 2.4.7
[kyss_updater:121] pyqt5 = 5.15.7
[kyss_updater:121] pyqt5-qt5 = 5.15.2
[kyss_updater:121] pyqt5-sip = 12.11.0
[kyss_updater:121] pyqtwebengine = 5.15.6
[kyss_updater:121] pyqtwebengine-qt5 = 5.15.2
[kyss_updater:121] python-dateutil = 2.8.2
[kyss_updater:121] pywebview = 4.0
[kyss_updater:121] qtpy = 2.2.0
[kyss_updater:121] requests = 2.28.1
[kyss_updater:121] screeninfo = 0.8.1
[kyss_updater:121] setuptools = 57.0.0
[kyss_updater:121] six = 1.16.0
[kyss_updater:121] toml = 0.10.2
[kyss_updater:121] urllib3 = 1.26.12
[kyss_updater:121] wcwidth = 0.2.5
[kyss_updater:121] wheel = 0.36.2
[kyss_updater:121] xmltodict = 0.13.0
[kyss_updater:126] Wanted packages:
[kyss_updater:132] blessed = 1.19.0
[kyss_updater:132] packaging = 21.3
[kyss_updater:132] screeninfo = 0.8.1
[kyss_updater:132] proxy-tools = 0.1@ ip
[kyss_updater:132] qtpy = 2.2.0
[kyss_updater:132] pyqtwebengine = 5.15.6
[kyss_updater:132] pywebview = 4.0@
[kyss_updater:132] psutil = 5.9.0
[kyss_updater:132] python-dateutil = 2.8.2
[kyss_updater:132] xmltodict = 0.12.0
[Kyss:156] Installing QT5 xcb required libs
[kyss_updater:132] humanize = 4.3.0
[kyss_updater:132] requests = 2.28.1
[Kyss:168] -=== Update App at /home/platyna/Programy/ryzom ===-
[KyssInstaller:178] Getting files from gitlab with branch main
[Kyss:170] Update finished
[app:268] Loading i18n (en) for module app
[app:364] Create WebView...
[app:80] Loading module ryzom_installer
[ryzom_installer:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_installer
[ryzom_client_installer:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_client_installer
[app:80] Loading module ryzom_news
[ryzom_news:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_news
[app:80] Loading module ryzom_config_ini
[ryzom_config_ini:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_config_ini
[app:80] Loading module ryzom_mods
[ryzom_mods:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_mods
[app:80] Loading module ryzom_cfg
[ryzom_cfg:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_cfg
[app:268] Loading i18n (en) for module ryzom_content_manager
[app:268] Loading i18n (en) for module kyss_installer_linux
[pywebview] Using Qt 5.15.2
Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.
[app:106] Setup CSS for app
[app:106] Setup CSS for ryzom_installer
[app:110] Setup CSS for ryzom_installer
[app:132] Added zone header for module ryzom_installer
[app:132] Added zone footer for module ryzom_installer
[app:106] Setup CSS for ryzom_news
[app:110] Setup CSS for ryzom_news
[app:132] Added zone main for module ryzom_news
[app:106] Setup CSS for ryzom_config_ini
[app:110] Setup CSS for ryzom_config_ini
[app:132] Added zone main for module ryzom_config_ini
[app:106] Setup CSS for ryzom_mods
[app:110] Setup CSS for ryzom_mods
[app:132] Added zone main for module ryzom_mods
[app:106] Setup CSS for ryzom_cfg
Sandboxing disabled by user.
WebEngineContext used before QtWebEngine::initialize() or OpenGL context creation failed.
QGLXContext: Failed to create dummy context

DevTools listening on ws:// a6ea5050
Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags<QSurfaceFormat::FormatOption>(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples 0, swapBehavior QSurfaceFormat::DefaultSwapBehavior, swapInterval 1, colorSpace QSurfaceFormat::DefaultColorSpace, profile QSurfaceFormat::NoProfile)
python/AppRun: line 40: 141359 Aborted (core dumped) ( PYTHONHOME="${APPDIR}/opt/python3.8" exec -a "${executable}" "$APPDIR/opt/python3.8/bin/python3.8" "$@" )

Kind regards,


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#2 [en] 

After further investigation it turned out to be the problem on my side - the pesky nouveau driver came back, in black, had to re-grubby it.

I am leaving the thread in case someone had a similar issue.

The solution is to check your lsmod for proper modules:

lsmod | grep -E 'nvidia|nouveau'

and if there is nouveau you do:
grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args='rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nvidia-drm.modeset=1'

#3 Multilingual 

This is really nice info. I have an older laptop with a nvidia card and it has been hard to figure this out. I'm on Linus mint which has a driver checker so i can Install what I need.

Also look into this as it has boosted my fps majorly

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